My first birth Tale – Not like what they show on TV that’s for damn sure

Baby #1

I got started with babies nice and young. So it was on my 21rst birthday, a day before my due date with Baby#1 that I went to see the OB/GYN. In my eyes he was the Lord of Lords, knower of all knowing. It was on this day he informed me that “like many first moms” I was weeks away from giving birth.Also, since everyone commented on how small my belly was, and it was really working my anxiety, I inquired if he could give a guesstimate as to the size of my baby girl on board. Of course he could! He waved his hand over my womb like Whodini and predicted, “Definitely a small one…I’d say right around 6lbs”.

My girlfriend and I decided to go out to celebrate my birthday at Friendly’s with fried food and Fribbles. Yes, this was back in the day when my metabolism still worked even while 9 months pregnant. Later on I even downed a massive dinner of pasta at my dad’s with Birthday cake for dessert. Yum!

It was just about 11PM when I was settling down for bed and I realized my back kinda, sorta didn’t feel right. Hmmm. I knew this couldn’t possibly beit.My Dr. had just said that very afternoon I was “weeks” away from labor. Long story short, next thing you know I was hee-hee hooing and puking up ALL my food at the hospital sans pain medication.

After 13.5 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing I brought an amazingly beautiful, peaceful, daughter into the world. I noticed one thing straight away. This baby was no 6 pounds. I exclaimed to the doctor, “She’s so big!” It was then Dr. Whodini informed me, “You just delivered a 9 lb 3oz, 22 inch baby. The nurses were especially amazed by her height and measured her twice to be sure. Yep, 22 inches.

Even in all of the excitement, I knew I heard one word loud and clear: stitches. Now lets keep in mind, I had already suffered through labor without pain medication, followed by torture which felt like garden sheers of some sort to get the baby out. Needless to say, I was done. So I start hollering they had better give me a shot or something. “Wow”, my least favorite nurse commented, “You did so well during labor.” I gave her the one finger salute, and the doctor gave me a local anesthetic.

D0 they purposely leave this part leave out of the books? Or did I just not see it? What about how you really cannot walk again for at least three weeks? The good news is that I’d heard from all my reliable sources that the subsequent labors would be far easier. “The labor will be SO much shorter.” “Oh the baby just slides out next time.” “You won’t even need an episiotomy.” My readings seemed to confirm these facts so when Baby #2 came around 3 years later I felt pretty well at ease.

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  1. Rachel A. Teahan

    I love it!! ….. I started really getting into reading blogs from other moms last year when this young mother in Texas lost her 4 month old baby girl to SIDS,( another day stronger) she blogged everyday and everyday I followed, along the way I picked up a few other mothers blogs and I really look forward to reading them.. all.. everyday, I will happily add your blog to my list of “must reads”……who knows, a may start my own soon 🙂 !!!! Rachel

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