newsworthy Tale? – Why I try to avoid things like the Times Magazine Cover

Sad, but true I usually nix the news. It is so dark and depressing that I’d rather stay uninformed, and live in la-la land like the “Real Housewives.” Besides, Facebook usually tells me all I need to know (tee-hee). However, sometimes when such a huge frenzy hits the media even I have to take notice. Like this Time Magazine cover thing. Sigh. You know which one I am talking about. 

Why everyone is so excited? Whether they are for or against attachment style parenting, I think it is pretty clear the cover was intended to be controversial, and draw people in to read whatever is behind it. Ohhh, is it because of the mom breastfeeding a three-year old? I see. From the feedback out there, I think folks are really more concerned about this rather than what the article is actually about. For this, I have to laugh.

Breastfeeding. Why is it such a touchy topic here in the US?  How long a mother breastfeeds is between her and the child, isn’t it? Is there some law or mandate I don’t know about? I was really rather shocked when I read some of the comments, as some were quite harsh. Someone actually commented that little boy still being breastfed will end up with “serious issues” and probably become a “serial killer.” Wooow.  One blogger commented on the cover, and how she was judged for NOT breastfeeding. So the response comments were all about, oh yes, me too, me too, and how terrible all the breastfeeding nazis are. Seriously?!?

Well here comes me and my BIG mouth:

First of all, get over the cover people! If you don’t like it, don’t look! It’s about attachment style parenting, not breastfeeding. Also, leave the breastfeeding moms alone. Women have breasts to feed their children. If you, as a woman, decide not to use them for this, fine. Rock on! But don’t judge those whom do. I nursed all three of my children, and my oldest, happened to nurse the longest. 18 months to be exact. She outright refused a bottle, but it was fine with me. She went to a cup early, and by age one, was nursing but once a day, yet even family members commented. Only my ex was supportive. He’d say, “If she still wants it, give it to her.” Simple. It was a personal decision. By the way, she could barely wait to leave the nest and is not a serial killer, so clearly there are no long-term “issues” there.

Let’s move on to this “attachment-parenting” thing because I am truly really wondering if anyone actually read the article in the Times or just looked at the breastfeeding mom on the cover. Again, when it comes to different parenting styles, hands off. As long as a child is not being abused, mind your own P’s and Q’s.  However, I did have a loud chuckle over seeing that part of this  “attachment-style” parenting is “co-sleeping” just because of how sleeping has worked at my house:

Kids have been hopping in and out my bed for twenty years. That went for all 3 of them. My daughters are 20 and 17  now so of course I cannot remember the last time they were there. But I DO still recall how it started out with my son. He was a 10lb 10z baby and he was hungry. Constantly. I started off with him in the same bassinet his sisters had been in.  Soon though, I realized though he really didn’t fit in that thing. Besides, he was really heavy to lift every couple hours. Since unlike my other fairly good sized babies, he preferred eating over sleeping at night.  So, I started keeping him in the bed with me and it was fine, because it was me and it was me there. Good thing too, as his night-time nursing didn’t decrease, but increased especially after I returned to work. And, in my bed he stayed until he weaned himself at 11 months. 

Since then, my son has gone through different phases for sleeping: One where he only slept on the couch. Another where he preferred a blow-up mattresses next to my bed. He also slept under a tented bunk in his room. There was a period where I called him “Paranormal State” because each morning without fail I’d hear him heading down the two flights from his room to mine at 3 am (where paranormal activity is supposedly at its peak). Now, I’d say he is my mid-night caller. The point is, I’m not particularly worried. I don’t care where you sleep, as long as you sleep. 

All in all my parenting style has worked just fine so far. The proof is in the pudding people.

However, as my last Mohican was snoring loudly in my bed this 12:07 AM, I was wondering if I should phone Time Magazine to see if they were perhaps interested in shooting their next controversial magazine cover.


  1. Shugbear

    OMG is there anything worse than internet comments? Mine excluded of course! The more of them I read the more I worry about the country’s future. For a similar take on the Time article and more examples of ‘great’ comments read –

    I used to get a little freaked out with kids not sleeping in their rooms or beds and stuff like that but learned to relax. Z’ still sleeps with his light on and I still don’t like it but I’ve come to realize that is my problem not his.

  2. Shugbear

    That wasn’t my blog just one a came across reading about the Time article. Mine sits idle –

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