brother and sister Tale – Sibling love and rivalry

My daughters are 3 years and 2 months apart, to the day. They never fight. EVER. Amazingly! This I did not expect as all my girlfriends with sisters fought ferociously, especially as teenagers. Not my two. My younger daughter definitely catered to her older sister which is likely why there was never any rivalry there. What is interesting is what transpired after their baby brother arrived.

My girls were 11 and 8 when my son was born. There were ecstatic! I will never forget how they glowed when they first saw him at the hospital. “Oh he’s soooo cute!,” they cooed. Uh-huh. I knew that would change. He was “so cute” until the day he became the annoying little brother.

Over the years, my oldest (now 20), has been able to handle this just fine. She always got it. Yes he is younger, so yes he is sometimes, well, annoying. On the other hand, my 17-year-old, even today will argue and fight with her little brother until I want to pull my hair out. Perhaps it is because she is far younger than her years in age, or maybe it is a conflict in personalities. Either way, I have to limit the amount of time they are alone together. Significantly.

Case in point: This letter I found she’d handwritten, and left for him a few years back which I copied verbatim (even lack of punctuation). I had posted it on Facebook as it sums up her perception of their relationship perfectly:

Dear Trevor

I’m so so sorry that I left that BIG mark on your arm I hope it will feel better and I already learned my lesson and I did try to ignore you but you kept getting louder and louder with your fake burping and running and yelling and singing your ABC’s and I DID ask you to please stop Trevor but you didn’t but I am still sorry ok?

I love you and I will see you after school

ok bye.

Love Jolene

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