boxer Tale – Co-existence

My bestest buddies are my boxers.  I named my girl, now 7, Layla (yes, after the Eric Clapton song) and Bosco 5 (honoring the oh-so-very-handsome Officer Boscorelli from Third Watch). They are wonderful pets for my family as they cannot get enough of the chaos ’round here. However, what I find most interesting is how they interact with each other.

Due to an acl cruciate repair, Layla is much less agile than Bosco these days. She is also older and slightly arthritic. Yet still, she is far more playful than he. So she often tries to engage him in activity in the yard, or even in the house.  If  he does not want to play (which is MOST of the time), no matter what she does: Taunting by barking, coming down on her front paws, circling him  -he will simply ignore her and walk away. If she persists and continues to make chase outdoors, he will go to his “safe zone” which is the ramp to my shed as he knows she does not like to walk on there. Game Over.

When it comes to just chillaxing around the around the house, the rolls are reversed. Bosco becomes the Rude Dude. Always trying to warm his loins, he is constantly draping himself across her as she sits or lies. She will just tolerate this. Amazing.

Not that it is always a bed of roses. Bosco throws himself upon Layla whenever she is trying to sleep…plopping his head on her belly, draping a long leg here or there, and putting his paws ALL over her. Typical male! Like most of us women, Layla is usually quite patient and tolerant of his shenanigans. Once though she got finally got fed up and snapped at him. Typical female? After circling around her nervously for a few moments, Bosco decided it best to leave her alone and go sleep elsewhere for the night.

Co-existence is a beautiful thing -isn’t it?

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