crappy service Tale – What would you expect?

As I sit here, SICK, going on Day 10 with no answers I find myself frustrated with the Patient Care I am receiving. Again.

Can I walk into an ER and pay $100 plus have my insurance billed to have the Hospital LAB run the same tests my doctor’s office is already going to be billing my insurance (plus my co-pay) to have processed elsewhere? Sure I could. Had I known that even after 7 days they wouldn’t even have the 1-4 hour Enzyme Immunoassay results back for me I would have gone there in the first place. 

The point is, for the most part, I feel across the board no matter where I go these days- Customer Service sucks! Plain and simple.

Why am I so particularly offended? Well even at age 16 when I started my first job I worked in the Customer Service industry. Yes at Mickey D’s. Way back then I am proud to say as young as I was I gave my all to ensure the Customer was happy. And if they weren’t, we tried to make them so. I still remember my managers smiling and nodding even as people shouted in their face. No matter what, we were told “the Customer is always right.”

My oldest daughter now has these experiences daily, at Dunkin’ Donuts where she works as she makes her way through college. It doesn’t matter if the crazy, cranky guy is screaming at her because he asked for a crueller and that is exactly what she gave him, but he really wanted a glazed stick;) She just smiles and says, “I’m sorry sir.”

Has anyone ever told me I am difficult? Sure, but difficult people are also my speciality. There is nothing I like better than pleasing someone who is displeased.

Today in my profession within Health Care Industry I am part of a company which prides itself in Service Excellence. My team specifically strives for successful implementation and seamless support of our instrument interface software. We consistently use our expertise to maintain a positive customer experience. Truly, we continue to foster and uphold these relationships through ongoing commitment and Service Excellence.

Soooo why would I would expect anything less from when I am the Customer? 

Yet, this is what I get elsewhere:

Doctors – Days upon days without answers. Yet they are happy to snap up my co-pays and bill my insurance company. Even my blood work which was run STAT to see if I was dehydrated remained unreported for two days because the Dr. was quote “busy” until I demanded I get a call back.

Banks or Merchants – I cannot stand the freaking press this-and-that-and-this-and- that-while standing on your head then press the # key 5000 times on the phone before I can maybe talk to a human. wtf?

Restaurants – I have seen them ignore ringing phones when they feel they are busy enough. Seriously?!? You are in wrong the business then.

Clueless Receptionists – I love those folks working in offices who tell me, “I have no idea” when I ask when so-and-so will be back or when I may get some real help or real answers. I always ask, “Helllooo who are you?!?” Did I call the right place or did I just phone never-never land?

Anyone I have already paid for a service – Funny that once I have written that check they are not so quick to respond to my questions or concerns. I cannot stand that! Trust me, I will think twice about doing business with that party again.

In short, it is the blatant lack of effort in my own Customer service experiences I am seeing out there which is beginning to disgust me.

I am the first to admit, in my profession, we are not perfect, but I know we attempt to give the best service possible.  Are balls ever dropped? Sure they are, but we pick them up and do better the next time. I pride myself in this every single day.

So sorry, I don’t care if the sun is shining and you are working on your tan. Pick up your phone, shoot an e-mail, and get back to your Customers. When I was sick, still woozy from narcotics, and on Medical Leave, if a Customer e-mailed me, knowing that no one else may see that e-mail (and I had many come in due to a project I had just been working on). Guess what? I dragged my ass out of bed and responded to every single one of them, THANKING them for taking time out of their day to give me their feedback.

So I ask you, as a Customer: What would you expect? 

In all due fairness I have to give props to those I feel have given me 100%: my cabinet manufacturer, my new OB/GYN, my migraine Dr., but in the long list, there are very few.

Clearly, I have conveyed what I expect. I want to get what I give. I actually had someone at work ask me recently just how much we should do to try to please a customer. My answer was simple:

I think we should jump through flaming hoops all day long.

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