sisterly Tale – The Princess and her lady-in-waiting

As I’ve mentioned before, my daughters are three years and two months apart to the day. Impeccable timing on my part so I’ve been told.

While they were inseparable as small children, my older daughter now 20, grew to a become Princess (yes somehow I managed to do so without the Castle) and my younger daughter, well, became her lady-in-waiting.  In fact, my younger daughter, 17, single-handedly packed the Princess for college as she sat upon her royal bed giving direction. The benefit to this relationship I suppose is that my girls have never, ever fought.

In all due fairness, my eldest gal despite her nickname of “Princess Grace” has worked very hard academically, as well as putting in long hours at work since turning 16 to contribute towards her education. Around the house though, she has always been far less willing than her little sister in helping with cooking, cleaning, laundry, and things of the sort.  I always cut her a break as she did help care for her siblings while I worked part-time until she went away to school. Today, as a college Junior, when is she home during Winter and Summer Break I still do not ask much ask much of her around the house except that she keep her room clean and share babysitting duties with her sister in watching their 9 year-old brother on Fridays.

While they both oooed and cooed when he was born, now they do not quite cherish the Action-Jackson he has become. Really, it’s not that challenging. My boy does not ask for much, not even for his big sisters to play with him often, as he has become used to entertaining himself and has plenty of friends in the ‘hood. I only ask that they make sure he does not run away, that they do not hit  or pinch him for any reason what-so-ever and supervise him en route if he is invited to visit a buddy. Easy-peasy right?

My youngest, being the lady-in-waiting, usually gets stuck walking her brother to a friend’s house or watching him at the park while the Princess watches her programs or naps. Of course.

So when my younger daughter phoned me at work the other afternoon to see if she could go to the mall with her friend about two hours before I’d get home, I told her it was fine but to make sure Princess Grace knew she was on duty until I arrived.

Well, I’ll be…when I reached the Palace did my lad have a Tale for me. Apparently, Princess Grace had advised her lady-in-waiting she was “too tired” to watch little brother and forbade her to leave without the Highness’s approval (even though the Queen had already rendered approval).  She further directed her brother to rouse her from the Royal Quarters if the lady should attempt to hatch an escape of any sort. Next, my son excitedly pointed to a scroll which I immediately recognized as being inked in my younger gal’s hand.

Dear Ashley,

I am going out with my friend at 5:30 PM and will be back around 8:30 but Mom will be home before that.

Love, Jolene H.

My son went on to describe how the lady had quietly dashed down the steps, put a finger to her lips to indicate he must keep silent to assist her escape, and slipped out the side gate. I must admit I was delighted! It is about time. We all had a chuckle over our evening’s morsels. Princess Grace herself even found the humor over how her lady had outwitted her.

I only wonder if I will now have TWO Princesses on my hands…without the Castle;)

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