reality Tale – Are these Housewive’s for Real?

Generally, I have to be very selective about the television I watch given that by the time I collapse into bed at night I am usually soon asleep.  When I do watch TV, I usually favor the darker dramatic programming which constantly plays on ID Discovery. Well, last year I finally decided to get myself a DVR,  then during my four weeks of Medical Leave I found myself watching and liking some really trashy TV.

So I have now found myself mesmerized by the Real Housewives’ series. Not all, but most. OC, BH, NJ, NY. Yep! Mesmerized in an annoyed sort of way in that I will shout at the television over whatever these chaotic ladies are doing.  Yet I keep on watching. Doi! Though I do not view the shows religiously, I have seen enough to know most of their names, and have become fascinated over just how very unbelievable these ladies are.

It’s not about the money. Make it rain up in here! I’ll admit it, I absolutely love their lavish real estate and clothing. Although I do wonder if they donate at all to charity. But drivers? Yes please. I’ll take two.

Drinks? Parties? I can handle a few of those myself. The difference is that unlike those ladies, BH and OC especially, I will have few crackers with my wine so I am not a complete drunken disaster. They have one drink, and next thing you know they are crying, screaming, kicking up their legs, and showing everyone their latest bikini wax. Hey, have a tantrum or two, but can you keep your panties on please, if you even wear panties?

Also, what are these chics always so upset about ANYWAY? Does anybody really know?

I always joke about the Bev Hill ladies looking scary as a Mo-Fo with their fish lips and over-sized silicone tatas. True that. Actually, I think it’s a definite toss-up between them and OC. Sorry girls, I just think the NY ladies look the best. For sure, they are the most natural looking. Of course I realize plastic surgery is a personal decision, and one should do whatever makes them feel the most beautiful. However, seeing the Bev-Hill series has just further instilled in me that when my lady bits start sagging I will not be hiking it to the local plastic Dr. to get them jacked back up. Just saying.

Truly, what bugs me the most about them, ALL of them, is their character. Unless of course they are fooling us all and they are actually playing characters. That thought has crossed my mind. Are these housewives’ for real? I mean do women truly act this way in real life? I know I have come across some chit-chattin-chitters, but these ladies take the cake.

They are so freakin’ catty I cannot stand it! Well, except for maybe the Countess from NY (ok everyone needs a fav).  They are constantly gossiping about each other behind one another’s back, criticizing each other as parents, undermining  the other’s businesses or ventures. Tell me, where is the sisterhood? I have finally come to this conclusion…They must behave in this manner because they do not have ENOUGH to do.

Betches come on over here, I’ll keep you plenty busy.

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