no apology Tale – RSVP

After remaining with my Dr. for 12 years, being loyal despite distance, despite her transition to a new office where I faced crappy service, not to mention torture by Chewbacca the oh-so-hairy-scary Medical Assistant, I finally had to move on after my LAB results were LOST after more than 10 days of being sick.

I was actually feeling morose about the whole thing. In fact, I had just told a co-worker how I wondered if perhaps I should have given them just one more chance.

Until I arrived home to find a letter.

An apology perhaps? Oh no, why would one think of doing such a thing. I did however receive the following in response to the formal request I had sent to have my records forwarded to my new Dr.

Our office charges a fee for this service. According to regulations by the Board of Registration in Medicine we can charge $0.25c per copy plus $20.oo per hour for secretarial services plus postage.”

I love the we “can” part. Just like I can stick my finger up my ass, but I don’t want to.

So, sure you “can” but you don’t have to. Especially after you just screwed over a loyal patient who was sick. Oh, and by the way, you DID bill my insurance company for the LAB tests which were lost. I asked. But that’s because you “can” per some other regulation.

Buuut, I decided not to give them a professional response worded as above. Why waste my time on a full-out rant? I decided on something short and sweet.

Dear West Subs,

You can keep your records, and the rest of your crappy office service.  According to my regulations.

Peace out!

I wanted to add that they can keep Chewy too, but that would be entirely inappropriate and I know that I am never, e-e-e-e-ver inappropriate.

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