dummy Tale – My second Epiphany

My first epiphany occurred right before the birth of my son. I mean like 30 minutes before.

After 3 days of prodromal labor and my Dr. having gone away on vacation for Memorial Day weekend and the maternity staff  having decided I should not be admitted until I was 7 centimeters dilated since my progress was so slow and my progress was so slow because I was passing a baby the size of a butterball turkey…Anyway, it was on that day, naked in the hot-tub, during the transition phase, I had my first epiphany. I no longer believed in natural child-birth. So at 9 centimeters dilated I had an epidural.

Today I had my second epiphany.

I realized my oldest daughter is now not only smarter than me, but much more mature.

Now how did that happen? I did raise her single-handedly. Being the oldest of my three, she also had the most time alone with me, and I was the youngest, most inexperienced mama when she came along. Didn’t she learn from me? Nurture over nature right?

This morning I was not very feeling very chill. I am big on deadlines and today I had two. So I raced around like a maniac as I had to make sure my son was prepared to participate in the Children’s Worship Service at our Church. However, before I’d left I had made it quite clear to my oldest daughter, who tends to do her own thing, that she ensure her plans today include a visit to her Grandfather.

I made a very long and loud speech from my kitchen that this was the day to honor him, the wonderful man that he is, and how we should never forget that he has been the strongest male role model in their lives too.

With that, I jetted off to Church to drop my son early to practice, and waited for my 17-year-old daughter in the parking lot who had spent the night with a friend. When our meeting time passed, I started texting frantically, “Where are you?” and then, “No more Saturday sleepovers!”  Finally I called and carried on about how this was a VERY important day. Maybe not to her but it is TO ME. We had to see her brother present at Church, then go visit Grandad with all the gifts and cards we had for him.

From the church we went to see my Dad at his home. He was very happy with the simple card and gifts we had for as him as he always is. He told us how my older daughter had already been by with her boyfriend to celebrate with ice cream sundae’s. We spent the next  few hours chatting with him, then left to head back home.

I checked my phone a few hours later and found my oldest daughter had texted me this simple message:

Father’s Day is next Sunday, fyi

Short, to the point. Letting me know I was not right about this one, yet not exactly calling me a dummy. I am impressed!

Also, reminds me even more of what a great Dad I have. He didn’t seem to mind at all that I had decided, for no apparent reason whatsoever, today was his special day. He didn’t blow up my spot, nor even give the slightest indication that he knew (and I know his must have) I had not a clue what day it wasn’t today.

I did call and leave a  voicemail, letting him know that I’d be over to visit next Sunday too…on actual Father’s Day 🙂

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