keepin’ on reality tv Tale – Want me a Sister Wife

Yep, I am back at it again. To critiquing Reality  TV that is.

Not that I have any qualifications what-so-ever. Let’s keep it real though. What does one really need besides a TV, a remote, and an opinion? Oh yes, and time. Not that I have of it these days. But I did. More than I wanted to for a month straight, and I admit it, I really got a hankering for this reality stuff.

One show I have found myself surprisingly intrigued by is Sister Wives.  When I first heard rumors about this show about a Polygamist man with 4 wives I did not for a minute think I would ever tune in. Me, watch repressed women controlled by a man? Certainly not!

I really don’t care what people do with their lives. I don’t judge others for their personal belief’s especially whereas I have been judged, and unjustly so for I have not always have lived “traditionally.” Of course I did marry, so I certainly believe in monogamy, but I can tell you there have been many misconceptions and assumptions made about me in single mother-hood which have astounded me beyond comprehension. The point I am getting at here is that this program is not what I expected at ALL.

I must confess, I do get a chuckle here and there. Especially at the start of the show when they all line up and one wife says, “I wanted the family, not just the man.” Shoot girls, let’s forget about the man leaping from bed to bed. Just give me some Sister Wives up in here. Dang, I could use some of that.

Actually, I don’t see Kody wearing the pants in that household. I don’t think he has time to. Does he even know where his pants are?  He is always running around looking harried and confused. I freaking love it! Especially when they all gang up on him. Ya buddy that’s what you get for roosting with too many hens.

Honestly I find it astounding this family has braved the harsh criticism they must have surely faced living not only the life-style they do, but presenting it for all of the world to see with their true names and faces. Not hidden behind a personified name and caricature (ahem).

I know I poke fun, but I truly appreciate the bond these “sisters” share. This is what I find most touching. The women. The Sister Wives. These woman are unified, driven, and dedicated to raising their family. For this, I think they should be applauded.

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