fun in the sun Tale – Under my Umbrella

I actually do avoid the sun. So much so my Vitamin D2 levels are untraceable, and I have to take massive doses prescribed to me.

No I am not a vampire, but there are several reasons why I hide in the shade.

For one thing, I hate being hate hot. Unless I am working out, sweating is not my gig. Just ask the Operations Staff at my work. If it’s too hot, I will alert them. Quickly. Not that I care to be to frigid either. Which is usually the case in the Summer at our office. Folks actually do break out the blankets and fingerless gloves. Our OPS group is fabulous though. They even asked one of my staff  working early the other day to contact me, and advise of the extremely cold temps expected in our building. This way before I left home, I knew to grab my fleece:)

Anyway, the BIGGEST reason I avoid the direct sunlight is that I learned the hard way it is quite damaging to my very sensitive skin. When I was young and stupid, I slapped on the baby oil alongside all my white girlfriends, and kicked it on the beach all day long. Why, dummy? I didn’t exactly need a tan, and have always liked my natural skin-tone just fine. Sooo, now I have a bunch of freckles because of that brilliance.

Freckles Baby

However, while I have freckles, as well as more stretch-marks than anyone else I know, I do have fewer wrinkles than most my age. (Now the thing with the stretch-marks, I am thinking I probably more than anyone else in the whole entire world as even Doctors have been known to gasp when viewing my stomach. Funny, because I really don’t know why they are so scary, and will proudly display them for anyone who asks. My son, just the other day asked about them for the very first time. I found it interesting he had just noticed them, as I had forgotten there was a day I didn’t have them. Each and every one were badges I earned carrying my very first bundle of joy who is now 20. He even asked if he could touch them. Of course I said he could, and he reported they looked and felt like scars. Yes, in fact they do.) 

Back to the Sun.

Truth be told, I do not intend to become either The Leather Lady, or counter wrinkles with Botox. Yes, I will grow old gracefully or however ungracefully it may come to be  -but will attempt to delay the process. This does NOT mean I do not enjoy those glorious sunny days, with beautiful blues skies and cottony white clouds. However, if this girlfriend is at the beach, she is just like what Rhianna said, “Under my Umbrella”  -or if out walking there is 50 sunblock, shades, and a visor involved.

Take this weekend for instance. Sunny skies abundance!

I had such a doggone good time I missed my 9:30 AM Saturday Zumba Class. Imagine? I cannot even blame the SUN on that one, really. I actually stayed up until the sun practically rose. What the hey, I am entitled every once in a while. Friday night was Girl’s Night Out. I was pumped, as it was my first time dancing out with the ladies since my surgery, and I grooved until about mid-night. It was a fab time, sans one creepy wall-crawler I would have included in my perv Tale had I waited just a day later to write it. In any event, my adrenaline kept me awake long after I was back home.

Therefore Saturday, I was pretty lazy until about 11AM.

Then suddenly I noticed it was 90 degrees out AND there was a snow shovel on my front lawn. At this point I realize, ya, I should get my ass in gear. My kids needed some assistance. CLEARLY! I informed them the only shoveling they needed to be doing was the dirty laundry piles they had left for me in both bathrooms. Let’s get cracking!

I hustled and bustled, cleaning and getting the laundry going. However, I kept getting distracted by my cell phone. People texting or updating Facebook about their fun in the sun. I had every intention of conducting a Saturday Bootcamp Session until my good friend texted inviting us to swim in her pool. Well, that plan was quickly abandoned. Next thing I know I am on Mission Pina Colada.

For six hours we had a grand time with her and her family. Swimming, Snacks, Stories, Marshmallows, and Fun!

While the kids laughed, swam, and played in the sun, I whooped it up -hiding – under her Umbrella.

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