rampage Tale – Right Now

Perhaps folks much rather appreciate my fluid, flowy, flowery reflections, but sometimes it just isn’t me.

Wait, is it EVER?

Like today, and yesterday, and the day before.

It started with the one bad day, and the Life is Good washer fiasco. Which actually, let me rephrase, is a “Life’s Good” which turned out to be a three-day long nightmare with a haunted washer. This mother-trucker refilled itself, spilling water onto my carpet after I had already had this thing shut down and my water pipes off. Never touched it again. Never looked at it. Nothing!

Not to mention already had washer drained by super-awesome Louie.

It became very obvious to me, I had no more time to waste bitching again to the store I bought this hunk of junk from, along with their extended warranty, which included courtesy visits from the Pervert Freak Squad. I decided I had best call the manufacturer DIRECTLY. Otherwise, my entire house will sink before I can get this piece of shit shipped out of here .

When I called the manufacturer, I must say I was quite impressed!

This, despite the woman on the line initially advising I would not be able to mechanically drain the machine when I suggested it. Only a “Tech” could I was told at first. However, she was quickly redirected by me. I said, “Why yes, I know it can be done.” In fact, I had witnessed a Certified Freak do so in my very home one day. I told her this, adding surely she could assist me. Actually demanding to know all the instructions right now so I could do it myself.

I further notified her, I did not at this time have super-awesome Louie here, with his hose, to assist me in draining the tub manually.

This wonderful woman actually remained quite pleasant, and calmly directed me through the 90001 commands to reset this bitch.

Wah-la, in 5 minutes the tub was drained. Just like magic.

Now THAT is Customer Service:)

Here-here, give me a Cheer!

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