aftermath Tale – Time of Relection

The saga with the haunted washer continued even after I called my insurance company to file a claim…

I surmised they’d maybe find a few feet of carpet needing replacement. Imagine my horror when my mother, who had offered over-see the appraisal, phoned me at work to relay the damage they discovered was so significant, for health purposes all wall-to-wall carpet on the entire lower-level required immediate removal, and the level would need a two-day disinfection process. Oh, and of course I was not to sleep in there.

After returning back home I was in a fury. First and foremost, I was determined Life’s Good would not sit another minute in my home. Off the hinges came two doors, and out the back, to the very edge of my patio it was drug  -where it actually continued to refill itself! This time though, watering the lawn. With that, I packed up my kids, my dogs, and headed to a hotel for the weekend while the antimicrobial machines the crew had set-up did their work here.

I actually felt sorry for myself. Wah, wah, wah…What?  Have to leave my PC and palatial estate (aka very small three bedroom), and stay in single hotel room? Shit, this is like camping right? Like living off the grid, totally!

Truthfully, countless hours plus good ol’ blood, sweat, and tears had gone into creating my Master Bedroom in the lowest level of my home with an enormous walk-in closet, floor to ceiling mirrors, dressing table, sleeping alcove, and office area. It is not just my retreat and where I telecommute from my desktop PC once a week -but also, as of late, where I can go to blog any chance I get. Thus, I was most resentful  to leave the beautiful haven I had created, which transformed in a single workday to a dungeon of concrete, dust, humming machines, and blowing fans.

Upon checking into the hotel and clicking on the TV ~Life’s Good~ immediately flashed across the screen. Well now, isn’t this ironic I thought.

I plopped myself across  the bed.  Since I wasn’t really off the grid, I decided to break out my Blackberry and catch up on what everyone else had been doing.  I discovered some people actually had some pretty serious stuff going on. In fact, way more major than a freaky-leaky washer. Perhaps I had been just a bit self-absorbed. I also found after my latest bitch-fest on Facebook, someone had left this simple quote as a comment:

“This too shall pass…”

Now I believe this comes from a poem by Lanta Wilson Smith “This, Too, Shall Pass Away.”  In any event, during the aftermath it became a time of reflection.

I really began think about all the cool and wonderful things I had seen or experienced over the last year, especially…

 Holding new babies

Seeing my shy, skinny-mini-me face her fears, and overcome
tremendous challenges:

Watching my little guy want to do everything, all the time, which sometimes meant broken fingers, being a trend-setter, or missing the ball drop…


Knowing my first-born has become an adult and ever-so-wise college student… 

Even though I will always remember her like this ~

And this

Finally, always knowing how truly grateful I am to have survived this:

Because Life is SO Sweet, isn’t it?

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