tuckered out Tale – Too much To Do

I knew I was going to have a long day ahead of me.

Although I didn’t quite realize exactly HOW tired I would be. I really did have too much To Do all week long starring in this Dramedy of my so-called Life. Filing insurance claims after the damage caused by my former washer was certainly more of  a “task” than I had anticipated.

Admittedly, I am generally a bit tired in the morning. Even following my energy restoration. It is a side effect of the migraine medicine I take at bedtime. Therefore, I do wander around as I get ready each day.

I can opt to override the temporary grogginess with Green Tea. However, the caffeine just launches me like a rocket, and by the time I get to work I sometimes have difficulty controlling myself.  On a caffeine high, I can be impulsive shall we say?

Self-restraint has always been a challenge for me anyway.

For instance, just because say around 10AM, in the middle of the office, it may very well be break time for ME, does NOT mean it is the BEST idea to start quizzing those around me, less “aged” than myself, on Rappers from my era by bellowing out, “Hey, do you guys know who MC Lyte is? What about Snoop Dog? Or the Notorious BIG? Wait! What?!? How can you NOT know these cats?

Ya. NO. Not such a good idea at ALL!

So I try to put the kibosh on caffeine while I am at work.

This morning, however, I was not just tired, but completely tuckered out, as I had stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG, and this time there was no fiesta.


Well because I had to educate myself on the Insurance Policy laws.

Having heard 9,999 different stories were being tattled by the Agent for the Master Policy I have (since I own a duplex) which, of course, conflicted with what my Agent for the Secondary Insurance policy I carry had been telling me. All week long I kept hearing how “vague” everything was.

Uh-huh, right. Sooo, I decided to get the nitty-gritty for myself.

If there is one I thing I hate, it’s not knowing shit when I need to know it. Case in point: When I started buying condos (this is my third), and couldn’t understand jargon I kept hearing, I decided I wanted to learn ALL about Real Estate. I took the entire Real Estate Agent course. Never did go for the license test, but took the whole dang course, and this was before they offered it in a weekend.

In any event, now they have a bunch of stuff right on the internet, so by dawn I was ready. I was working from home today, but knew I had to start later than usual, as I needed to phone this Agent who had been playing dodgeball since last Thursday.

Once she realized it was me calling, she sounded as enthusiastic as the stone wall in my neighbor’s yard. This, of course, livened my mood immediately. One thing I have learned in dealing with difficult people is this ~ The more miserable they are, the more I want to sound about as joyous as a pig in shit. They DIG it.

First, I very pleasantly inquired if she would be able to help me today. She replied, “I can try.” I could tell this response took tremendous effort. So I asked, if she, being the Agent for this Policy I had questions about could NOT help, who then should I be asking, because I would be more than happy to not trouble her at all and go directly to them. She perked up ever so slightly and said, “It would start with me, and if I can not help, I will direct you to the Insurance Company contact.” Since of course we are dealing with 9,999 different chains of commands here. “Perfect!” I boomed.

So I went on with my questions in that I simply wanted to verify which policy would cover what.

We almost lost our mojo for just a minute, as she began to retell the tale of how the language in my condo documents is so very vague. I stopped her right there. I said, “I agree these documents are old, but they are not vague. “You might want them to be vague, but it is very clear to me, you should be covering THIS, while my other policy will be covering THAT. Correct?”

Do I dare say she sounded doggone thrilled as she quickly confirmed I was correct? I told her, “Thank you SO much, you have been MOST helpful. Have a WONDERFUL day!

If I was feeling the least bit savvy after that phone call, it all went down the shitter with the next one. Let me just say it would have been a very GOOD idea for me to have injected myself with straight-up caffeine this morning.

Furthermore, it would have been safe for me to do as no one would have heard me getting loud today, at home, if I did get out of control for minute or two except me, or my dogs (who absolutely LOVE when I get loud). Or perhaps my daughter -as my son is now at camp every day now, wearing blazon bright yellow.

Anyhoo. I hadn’t signed into work yet, but when I answered my next phone call, it was from my desk. Mind you, the only time I pick up my house phone is when I telecommute, and this desk phone is the only land-line I know actually exists in my home at present. All others, thanks to the kids, are MIA. The only reason I can find this one, is because it’s attached to a wall.

Sooo I pick up this call and a male voice says, “This is Dr. X’s office calling to confirm your appointment on Tuesday morning.

Instantly, I am befuddled. “Dr, what doctor?!?,” I ask. Well, he’d already told me the name, but the very kind gentlemen repeats it for me. “Dr X.

Nope! Still not ringing a bell. Except strangely this Dr. has the same name as the insurance agency I was just speaking with. Now I am not only confused, but also suspicious -so promptly begin badgering the guy:

“Who are you?,” I ask, “I don’t know Dr. X and I don’t have any appointments!” Then I quiz him with, “Wait, who am I?” He responds with, “Well you answered the phone with, “Hi this is So and So. Is that who YOU are?”

Geez, this guy is quick! I had announced myself, hadn’t I? Like I do when I am at work, because I was supposed to be signed in and working. But I wasn’t. Yet.

Even though I was supposed to be. Shit! I quickly jot a note to myself. Get the f signed into work! I also begin to wonder, has this guy figured out that I am a TOTAL disaster?

“Ummm,” I start brainstorming, because I really do have about 9,999 Dr.’s.

Finally, it clicks! “Ohhhh, I think I know who this Dr. is NOW!” I said. “He’s the Throat Dr.! The one who told me I ALSO need a nose job!”

The poor fellow says only, “Do you REALLY think you will be able to make it to this appointment on Tuesday?”

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