sunday Tale – Let’s to Church

One thing I have always noticed about Church is attendance plummets significantly during the Summer months.

What I observed during today’s service at our Church could explain why this may be.

First of all, there is no Children’s School. While the youngsters usually attend part of the worship, they are dismissed after the Pastor conducts a Children’s Sermon.

Not today. My son was gravely disappointed about this. He slumped his shoulders until I reminded him he should keep his back straight against the pew.

One other thing I noticed, is the Choir has disbanded. If I thought the rest of us in the congregation could carry a tune on our own, I was sorely mistaken. During the first very hymn, I quietly mentioned I could not hear where we were, and my son was quick to point out, “That’s because no one is singing.” Ah, yes, that would explain it now wouldn’t it?

Overall, I could tell folk’s minds were just plain wandering. Take for instance the guy in the pew behind me, who kept randomly saying to his wife, “Let’s procreate.” Umm, ya.

I guess it wasn’t “Too Darn Hot” for him, although it was about 90 degrees in there. Since like quite a few parishes out there, we cannot afford air conditioning, so many people had converted their bulletins into paper-fans.

Therefore, I didn’t quite feel so bad when my son, whom is still mastering the skill of not saying whatever is on his mind, at all times, no matter where he is, (have no idea who he inherited this from) whispered in my ear during the very heartfelt Opera Solo, “This guy’s a Nut job!”

I glanced around to see if anyone else had noticed, and saw a little girl who apparently was not appreciating this piece either, as she was kicking her father -while she had both fingers plugged into her ears.

This gave me the giggles something fierce, which I know is also not proper Church behavior. Sigh.

Fortunately, no one could hear me over the Ave Maria. 

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