lucky Tale – Sets of Three

After having heard of my wonderful washer news, a co-worker advised all things happen in sets of three.

Well I had been counting my three as follows:  Broken washer, $900 truck repair, and Layla’s labia resculpting.

Guess not, since precisely three days after the installation of my brand spankin’ new washer, this thing shit the bed. Motor just stopped running. Woooow.

However, since I have a of renewed sense of optimism (for the moment), I am still calling myself a very lucky girl. Even though the store from which I purchased this brand spankin’ new washer from, would not give me my cold hard cash back, as the product is now considered used. Tis’ true it was used.

For exactly three days.

But wait, like I said, I am very, very lucky right?  Yes, because upon my insistence, they ARE sending me another brand spankin’ new washer, and allowing me to extend my warranty for a decade. Also, this store swears they do not subcontract a Pervert Freak Squad to do repairs. Which makes me feel even luckier;)

Hence, I have been able to continue living my every day life, uninterrupted, despite the inevitable piles of dirty laundry, which I cannot keep up with.  You see, I do actually have more important things to do each and every night besides go to the laundromat.

Like what?

Dance, DANCE, Dance!

Yes, this I have managed to keep up with. Especially Zumba! All other dance genres have now taken a back-seat to the five, count-em,’ five Zumba classes I have now managed to fit into my busy schedule. I do squeeze in one Hip-Hop class, and a Piloxing session weekly as well.

Is there any downside to this?

Ya kinda. I have been having a bit of trouble walking from time to time. My daughter actually chuckled at the way I was shuffling around the house last night because my legs felt too sore to lift. I said stop laughing skinny and start helping me stretch. Dang girl your Mommy is in pain!

Let’s face it, I’m not 20 anymore. Also, I am exactly not a professional dancer or professional trainer or even a professional exerciser. I am just slightly completely obsessed with these classes. Why? It just makes me feel good. At the time.

You know how the ladies from En Vogue sang, “Free your Mind And the Rest will Follow…” Yes, it’s something like that.

Although, as I mentioned, at the gym classes, many of the attendees are about half my age. While I did start out in the back of room, I have moved myself right up front. It’s closer to the fans, and I am too frickin hot. A couple of the young “superstars” do not seem entirely pleased about this. Well sor-ry!

One actually tried to block me by placing her water bottle in my path. When her girlfriend arrived, they gave each other knowing glances. lmao!

Shiiit. I may be old, hot, AND just had a full hysterectomy less than 12 weeks ago, but I can still dance better than you and your friend. I ignored this entire covert operation, dancing over it like wasn’t even there. She decided to remove it after the very first segment, and stepped three feet to the right. Ya, go on girl.

I danced beside her AND her girlie for the rest of the hour with a big smile on my face.

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