not it Tale – Who am I?

I am definitely not my mother’s daughter…easy-going, free-spirited, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist.  Nor my brother’s sister…also a Reiki Healer, Yoga Instructor, Social Worker, philosophical. No. Not it.

Sooo…Who am I?

I suppose I am more my father’s daughter. Serious, yes slightly sarcastic, but straight-laced, perfectionist, and always concerned for others. The difference is my father actually perfects ALL he does. Master of all trades. Jackbutt of none. Oh, and he is not a basket-case. Cool, calm, collected. 

I, on the other hand, am a total maniac, trying to problem solve, up all night, worrying about everything and everyone, except ME.

Ok, let’s sum this up here: Lately you could just call me a Hot Freaking Mess.  And I mean this in every sense of the phrase. Literally and figuratively.

First of all, I cannot stop sweating my ass off. Except for at work where it is sub-zero right now in the summer, and I can wear my parka. Otherwise, it’s on. Dance? I am sopping. I never used to sweat. Why? It has to be due to my surgery the Dr says, but assures me it will go away. Uh-huh, like when?

Annnd, I actually burst into tears in front of three people the other day. Like that wasn’t humiliating, at ALL. My bestie has never even seen me cry. I mean sure I’ve teared up if someone’s family member passed away or when my friend’s husband became ill. However, I have never EVER busted out, boo-hoo crying. Wooow, I really am a piece of work.

Fortunately, my kids quickly bring me right back to laughing at life again.

Like say, my mini-me asking out of the blue…”Is it normal for me to have a 24 inch waist?” LMAO. Well sure, I told her. Why isn’t it? She is on a health kick now, and has decided she wants to eat healthy. Great! So she produced a shopping list for me. Of course she had to make it barely legible. Just puh-leeze click here for a quick secscan0006

This girl cracks me up. I suppose it is better than the manifesto she painstakingly imprinted on an ENTIRE roll of toilet-paper during another school break.

It’s a song she had told me. Umm, ya. Summer can be long for a teen.

So today I dropped her and a friend to swim at the local pond while I shopped for her “health foods.” As I was loading my truck with groceries I noticed she had left me this urgent text:

  “I just got bit by a fish. It’s a good thing it didn’t bite my vein.”

Well now, I might not know Who am I, but I know who she is. She’s my girl. That’s for dang sure.


  1. Mom

    Too funny!!! Both you and Miss J! Love, Mom

    • I must admit Mom, it is comforting someone else relates to my world, although she DID inherit it from me. XOXOXO!

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