relax Tale – Day of Rest

Since I had just returned from Medical Leave at the end of May I opted NOT to plan an annual vacation for this Summer.

During those 4 weeks I did enough lounging to last me a lifetime.

And eating.

Aside for the lone walk around the block my Dr allowed me per day, all I did was lie in bed, shout at Reality Shows on television, and scarf down lasagnas from well-wishers.

Yet miraculously I managed to lose weight.

In any event, I thought, hey, I am all ALL SET with chillaxing for a while.

That is, until my “series of unfortunate events” starting with the broken washer nightmare, shady smashsmole insurance agent, sick dog, busted truck, pervert sexting me at all hours of the night, and concluding with my mini total meltdown.

Therefore, it is certainly most fortunate I had decided to take a single vacation day this month to care for my boo-boo Layla girl. As it turns out, a day to chill and relax is exactly what I need.

I really have been trying to follow my wise father’s advice to take it easy. At least turn it down just a few decibels. I even skipped a couple of dance classes this week. Since what happens afterwards is I am so PUMPED I am ready to kick it up into high gear for another eight hours…or the rest of the night.

Either scenario is very, very likely.

Next thing I know I am writing a 700 word blog. Or, if I open a closet, Oh Boy, it’s I need to get this whole thing re-orged and color-coordinated NOW!!! Go-OCD-Go!

Of course, I am feeling most blessed my Layla girl made it safely through surgery, and that I have been able to be with her as she recovers at home.  She was very upset the first night, but by the next morning she was feeling somewhat better. I worked from home yesterday, and was able to keep a close eye on her -as well as Bosco.

Sir Bosco has actually been quite the gentlemen with my ailing Lady. Surprisingly, this time he really hasn’t attempted any shenanigans. Yet. He hasn’t tried snatching any food from her, nor gone for the ribbon keeping the cone tied on as he did last time. I quickly trained him to steer clear of her healing wounds. Of course, when I am not here they will need to kept apart, as Bosco’s mantra is to do what I say until I am not watching.

My mini-me is now quite the social butterfly, but stayed home to help with Layla and entertain me.  She announced last evening that in addition to the 6 Dance Classes she wants to take in the Fall, she’d also like me to sign her up for Cheerleading and Gymnastics. To prove she has the skills, she’s been doing hand stands and back bends…every 30 seconds. No word of a lie.

I finally had to tell her, nicely, she is driving me crazy. She loves to ignore me when I ask her if she would please be so kind to stop doing something. What she’ll do is wait it out a few minutes, and BAM -hit me with it again. “Hey, look I am doing another back bend off your bed.” She doesn’t take the hint until I say,”Go away,” or even sometimes “Beat it!” Seriously I don’t get it.

Per usual, my other two darlings ignore me entirely when they are home unless they need something.

Whenever she is not working, Princess Grace keeps busy pimping her new-used car and stealing my clothes. Why, I don’t know, since she is a size 5, and I am, uh, not.

I did make the mistake of doing a “hamster wellness check” this morning in my son’s room. Definitely a bad idea. Clearly, little guy kept himself entertained before camp by shredding paper all over his room. Legit. It looks like he and Bosco got busy in there making a nest for at least 5000 hamsters.

I just closed the door and walked away because I am determined not to go on a tirade today.

Not today. Today, I need a Day of Rest.

Tomorrow, quite possibly I will go back to being a complete and total maniac.

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