prophetic Tale – In my Name

I cannot even begin to count the number of those whom have asked me over the years if I “know” the meaning behind my name. 

It is really more of a tragic tale if you were to ask me.

Therefore the answer is yes. I am more than well aware of the fact I was named after a Greek mythological prophet. A very intelligent and desirable beauty – the premonitions of which no one believed.

Oh, she was also considered insane, always ranting and raving in frustration over those whom refused to heed her warnings. But then one day, all she foretold came to be. Imagine?

Very tragic indeed.  Especially for all the dummies who didn’t listen to her and were slain.

Ya. Sucked for them, totally.

Anyhoo, so sure I know it. Not that I am a prophet of any sort. Or crazy…yet.

However, I do feel me a psychic vibe every now and again. And trust me I’m not looking for one. I’d rather leave all that stuff alone. Just like when folks ask if I “believe” in ghosts. Indeed, I do but I won’t be calling for them. Furthermore, if they show up uninvited,  l WILL be calling ghostbusters.

But every once in a while something just comes to me out of nowhere. Usually good news (unlike my namesake) and usually before it happens. I just don’t know it hasn’t happened. Like oh, I tell someone “so and so” will be calling or texting about a very specific something. Then they do.

I also have this thing about babies, so I always seems to know when someone is pregnant or about to be pregnant …I just learned not to say anything on it, as obviously it is very personal. Note to self: Do NOT congratulate someone who IS pregnant, and has not announced it, as they may not know they are pregnant *yet* or may not want anyone to know *yet.* So ya, like I said, it’s best this here non-psychic friend leave all that be.

But nooow, I have been having a thing about a certain date. Why not? Every one else does. I kept hearing this 11-11-11 shit. And Princess Grace swears 12-12-12 will be the end of the world. Ok, if the world DOES end then, I guess we will all have nothing to worry about anymore -right?  It’s just too bad my date comes first, so now I have to worry. LOL!

August 27th. 

Twice now I have used this date just because. Just because…I don’t know.

I just know last month, I signed out of work one day and noted I was “on vacation and returning” August 27th. Which ah, no, I wasn’t on vacation and it was June.  Then again, this past Friday, I sent an e-mail announcing I was going to be to out on vacation August 27th.

Please note the mild improvement. The date was correct. However, we are in July. Clearly.

So friends…if you think of it, holler at me on August 27th. Make sure I am still here, as there could be some happenin’ happening.

Hopefully, nothing like what went down in Troy.

After all, it’s In my Name;)

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