bedtime Tale – Fear at Night

My boy is active, creative, upbeat, and by far the most outgoing of all my children. He is also fearless.

Except at night.

For as soon as the sun sets, my son’s imaginative juices begin to run wild.

I admit it, I have always been shameless when it comes to comforting my children. In my own early childhood, I often felt afraid. Perhaps one day I will tell one of those tales from my crypt.

In any case, with the exception of a few sporadic “fright nights” my daughter’s never had any difficulties getting settled for sleep. My son, on the other hand, seemed to have trouble at night starting at about the age of three.

He complained of noises and such in his room which would disrupt him at bedtime. Since he found Mozart relaxing, for years I played the same CD for him on his nightstand a few hours each night. This actually worked for a quite some time.

Until one morning, at 3AM I heard the pitter-patter of little foot-steps heading down the two flights of stairs to my bedroom. He arrived, telling me “something” was bothering him. This became a pattern. “Paranormal State” DID come to mind, as this is the same time they start the roll call for ghosts. Oi!

Soo he started sleeping with a little light on, in addition to the moon and stars nightlights I had already hung above his bed. However, he complained the light kept him awake. Yes he still wanted it on…Therefore on went a sleeping mask to dim the light. LOL!

Then there was a long time he needed a back-rub before bed. Worked well for him. Except if he awoke up during the night, I would hear him bellowing repeatedly, “Mommy back-rub.

I do well realize some folks think I am a total wuss in catering to him. Au contraire I will say.  Especially after one particular night I peeked in to check on him, and saw his eyes staring straight at the ceiling. They almost looked like they were rolled in the back of his head. I shook him, but he didn’t speak. I almost called 911. No joke. Just then he started moving, and I asked him what was wrong.

He still would not talk but began signing in the air, and slowly I could make out what he was spelling…B-L-I-N-K-Y.

Now I had no idea who or what a “Blinky” was, but I knew he had spent the afternoon with his father, who loves to show him stuff on his android phone which is not always G or even PG. So I quickly dialed his number to see what the deal was.

Apparently “Blinky” is some robot-thing that kills a little boy. Ummm ya, totally appropriate.

Anyhoo, after Blinky I put up a dream catcher he had made, but little guy takes it down and places it on his pillow. Says it “works better” this way.

Additionally, there are certain  “specifications” he has for bedtime. He insists on NO pillow case. A strange request perhaps, but no problem. I just throw the pillow in the wash whenever I change his linens. A fan blowing directly on him just so. Of course he also has a good number of stuffed animal friends joining him in his bed, as well his favorite book series -which is another way he likes to wind down at night. Reading.

His latest-greatest requirement kicked off in June, right as the temperature around here began to spike. He can longer fall asleep he says unless the blanket is “covering his face.” It cannot be a sheet either, but MUST be a blanket. The only trouble is he will shout out to me he is “TOO HOT,” and the fans “aren’t working” (as now he has two fans). LMAO. I do have to chuckle.

I imagine one day he will out-grow his Fear at Night.

Although I myself do still leave a light on at night. 

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