facts Tale – Truth be Told

Today I was duly informed of or discovered three very random, unrelated facts.  All I believe to be true.   

 I. Insurance Claims can take awhile

Well sure they can. Especially if no one is doing jack-shit to get them processed. I imagine they can take up to infinity and beyond. However, giving your Client a status update takes seconds. I do it every day…it’s called a TELEPHONE. Try one.

 II. You CAN over-dose on Folic Acid

Good to know, considering I have been taking 1600 mcg per day for over 6 months as advised by the Dr. who prescribed my migraine medicine to override the “confusion” it causes. Turns out, over 1000 mcg of Folic Acid daily, taken for extensive periods of time can potentially lead to side effects including diarrhea, depression, insomnia, seizures, inability to concentrate and psychotic behavior. Did you hear the toilet flush just now? Ya, truth be told I am done with these. Finito!

 III. My mother’s boyfriend was NOT kidding when he said my rear deck steps would fall one day…

Today was the day. 


  1. At least is usually only comes in three’s.

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