sorry Tale – Am I Genuine?

I’ve noticed I have been apologizing quite a bit lately.  Am I Genuine when doing so? Most of the time.

Others I am likely, possibly, probably, undoubtedly being absolutely, positively sarcastic.

Hey when I am wrong, I admit it. Full on. Of course sometimes I may think I am right when I am not, but that’s a different story, right?

However, sometimes there is just no doubt I frucked up. I blame it all on the Migraine medicine. Seriously. My miracle drug is making me mindless. Kind of. I still have my creative, technical, skills and long-term memory pretty intact. However I can be, well, spacey at times.

For instance, last week one of my staff sent out an e-mail seeking assistance from others in the group. The SOS had gone out via e-mail multiple times, yet no one had replied. So, I sent out an e-mail to my entire staff asking WHY there was not an offer to help. I went on in my message as to how I saw no reason why they did not have time to spare and I expected someone to volunteer.

Immediately my staff began responding they were “not aware” of the request. Huh?

Exactly. This is because the request for assistance was NEVER sent to any of them. The requester had accidentally only e-mailed it to me, my boss, and his directs.

Yup total fruck-up there. I quickly sent my genuine apologies…adding I would be going back to my vacation day instead of sending annoying e-mails.

But wait, it gets better…

On my day off THIS week, I checked my work e-mail as I just CANNOT stay away and this time I was the receiver of an e-mail notifying me of how I, yes, managed to screw something else up.

What now, do you ask?  Registering for the company picnic. 

The sender said, I had signed MYSELF up as a guest and they were “just checking” as it was “quite unusual” for someone to bring someone with the “same name” as oneself as a guest.  Ohhh, is it now? So you mean I cannot bring myself AND my second personality? Just kidding!

I said, “I’m sorry.”  My mistake obviously. Again genuine. I was reminded to “Read the Directions” when signing up. Will do. As I am sure they clearly state you can only bring one of you.

Now as for a couple of times where I say sorry and I so don’t mean it.

Take for instance when the insurance company was feeding me a line of total nonsense after I told them to escalate their shady operation “to their managers if they had managers.” I finally got a phone call where they babbled on about these challenges they’d had as if it were an act of congress they were trying to pass. I responded as to how “very sorry” I was. Genuine? Uh, no.

Or my beautiful, loving, 20-something daughter who is also fiercely independent, (like me) slightly sarcastic, and somewhat critical coming in out of nowhere down to my “office” which is attached to my bedroom, and asking me in a very sharp tone today…“What are YOU doing?”  

To which I responded, “What does it look I am doing? I am sitting here, stark-naked in my own room, in my own house, working at my desk, by myself, in the middle of the day. I’m sorry, am I offending you? If I am I apologize, as I was very offended myself one time when I went up to your my room, in my house to find a lump in the bed which was not you.”

So not genuine.

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