layla trilogy Tale – Behind the Cone

~ Part II ~

While she has been recovering from her recent surgeries, Layla has easily adapted to living Behind the Cone.

In fact she is now using it to her advantage. Since she is not allowed to run the yard at all -and spent most of the first week konked out on pain meds, she rises far earlier than she used to. Therefore, she has devised a new way of waking me up. Instead of simply coming to the edge of my bedside to wake me.  Or alternately, climbing on her hinds to prod me with her paws as she would sometimes do if I didn’t get she “cones” me.

Have you ever been “coned?”

Just imagine yourself being snuffed out like a candle, because this is how it feels. She puts her entire “cone head” over mine. There is no Boxer Breath involved here because I simply cannot breathe at all. She gets what she wants though as I get my ass up and out of bed ASAP.

She will also use her cone to trap items. Such as what? Such as pills she doesn’t want to take. She spits them out and spins them down through the cone into her neck fur for me to fish out. Yes, it is truly a lovely thing. I also find it amazing how she always manages to eat the chicken I have carefully stuffed the pill into.

This time, she isn’t giving up her spot ahead of Bosco in the pack hierarchy either. Oh heck no. Not even for a second.

While Bosco was pretty mellow for the first few days, ultimately he decided to try to step it up. During meals he silently slinks over to her side of the kitchen on a mission to snatch any kibble knocked from her dish by the cone.  Even though Layla cannot not see him coming, she can sense him of course and precisely levels the cone to the floor like a piece of machinery, securing the food from Bosco’s grasp. This has annoyed him to point he even barks at her. So, while keeping the cone still perfectly flat, she scurries off and away from him -eating the rest of her dinner in peace underneath the cone. How intuitive!

Clever Girl

Finally, while she had to be kept quiet for the first 5 days (aside from simple play on blankets with a bone) she is now allowed to play indoors, but no running.  My girlie is quite playful so this is a difficult order for her. I can tell she is feeling SO much better as she will get her rope toy or ball and bring it to me. To discourage her from running (even indoors), I will not toss it her and simply hand it back so she understands this is not run and fetch time.

Hence my Layla invented her own game.

Pop and Catch

Pop and Catch. Yes, have you ever seen these toys? Exactly. She will toss her ball or rope toy up in the air, and catch it back into her cone. Again, Bosco is greatly annoyed he cannot join in, pacing back and forth WHINING.

What’s funny about my Dude though is whenever I attempt to engage him in play, or if Layla does or DID when she COULD play in the yard -he simply ignores us and walks away. Now for some reason, he is miffed. Go figure?!?


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