layla trilogy Tale – Everything in Three’s

~ Part III ~

Everything in Three’s.  This is what people tell me anyway. Although for me I think it’s in multiples of threes.

Well apparently this is true of canines as well, since Layla visited the Vet for the third time 10 in days for a non-routine visit. In fact, it was the second visit to the Emergency Room in less than a week.

She clean broke a toenail on the fourth digit of her left forepaw. Despite my best efforts, I could not clot the bleeding, and envisioned her losing so much blood she’d require a transfusion. Oi! Off we rushed to the ER late Friday night.

The good news is she loves them over there now. Of course they also love ME over there. At $200 to walk through the door, why wouldn’t they? LOL.

In any event, they wondered if this was the same dog.  They looked at her record and asked, “Isn’t she wary of strangers?” I said, “Yes, but you aren’t strangers anymore.” She knew she was getting help and handed her paw right over. Indeed my very smart girl can quickly distinguish friend from foe. The Vet Staff were so happy Layla had made friends they even selected bandaging which matched her collar perfectly.

With strict orders to keep the bandage on for 24 hours and some pain meds they sent us on our way.

Either Layla didn’t hear the clinician’s orders or wasn’t “listening” as by dawn she had chewed off the $200 toe bandage, and discarded it on the area carpet in a million pieces -typically a Bosco move.

Hmm-mmm, my “very smart girl” did manage to do so with her cone on AND without waking me.

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