nature lover Tale – Admire from Afar

~ Part I ~

Growing up my parents were nature lovers, admiring all which grows and lives in the wild.

Therefore, I too have a love of nature. I absolutely adore nothing more than a hike in a beautiful wooded forest, and was elated the day my children were able to enjoy the rock slides winding along the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire with me.

However when it comes to most animals, I just prefer to Admire from Afar.

Truthfully though, even growing up I never did understand why my parents would have my brother and I sitting in a car in the backwoods of Maine for hours on end, waiting on a Moose. “Moose Watching.” I certainly did not want to meet a Moose. Still don’t. And I surely doubt a Moose wants to meet me.

Don’t get me wrong. I feel most fortunate our family home was on the edge of acres of conservation land so we were able regularly catch a glimpse of some very beautiful creatures in their habitat. It was an amazing sight to see a pack of coyote (indeed some do hunt together) casing deer on the edge of our back yard one evening. Or, a fox trot by in the early dawn with prey trapped in its mouth.

Today, my father still lives in the home I grew up in. I live in more developed area, but yet still get to observe some critters living in the “nature” which is left for them. It actually quite astounds me how much they have evolved to co-exist almost alongside humans. Although I guess we haven’t given them must choice now have we? Again, I do my best to keep my distance. I think this is best for them. And me.

Hey, some don’t mind being up close and personal. I guess I am just not cool like that. My mom is. Very much so.

For instance, once a few years back, as I was speaking with her on the phone she mentioned she hadn’t slept well the night before. When I asked why, she very calmly told me it was because somehow bats had gotten into her townhouse. So I assumed, of course, this was because she’d had to evacuate the premises IMMEDIATELY.

Uh no. The reason she had not slept well is because they’d circled overhead all night long and apparently came too close on occasion whizzing by her ear.

Ya. No. I am definitely not cool. Like. That.

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