fitness Tale – Step it Up

Now my Layla is pretty much fully healed, I think we can both return to our regularly scheduled fitness routines.

Funny though my old gal, with the exception of a few short days, did not seem to notice she was not up to par. Despite her coned head, bandaged toe, and stitches in her butt she was still highly, highly interested in the black dog walking ahead of us one night. So much so, she even tried to convince me into stepping up our stroll into a trot. A simple about-face was all she needed to realize that was not going to happen. Easy old girl. You still aren’t the boss.

Anyway, since she is back to her running in the yard, I can go to as many Dance and Zumba classes a week as my schedule will allow me. In fact, I think I may even want to Step it Up a bit. I would like to add back my Power-Walks, Pilates, and Tae-Bo. Although my father often reminds me if I liked to mow the lawn, or do yard work of any sort, perhaps I wouldn’t need to exercise at the gym.

Ya, well, I hate yard work.

I’m sure I have stated multiple times I despise being HOT, and now I am hot all the time, so I constantly bitch and moan about just how hot I am. Too bad you cannot burn calories doing THAT. In fact, I am sorry to say I think may have even frightened some poor woman at the hair salon last week, after being strapped under the seated fryer dryer for 40 minutes, by disturbing her while she was reading her magazine under another dryer to let her know if I didn’t get some frickin’ ice from somewhere I was going to snap. Just wanted to give her an fyi.

Therefore, while I am a total hustling manic when it comes to cleaning the inside of my house, and a true do-it-yourselfer, even straddled two dressers in my bedroom while 9 months pregnant with my son to get some last-minute painting done…I’d much rather watch someone ELSE mow the lawn. Preferably a man with his shirt off. Oh yes, how sexist of me. Call the police.

So as I was saying, with this fitness thing, it’s not about being skinny. I just so love to exercise. Because I am not skinny. Nor am I fat. It’s just that the rest of my immediate family is actually quite tiny.

Why? Well, I have a sneaking suspicion diet may have something to do with it. Due to my upbringing I eat rather healthfully, but I do eat food. When I go to mother’s house and open the fridge, it is hilarious because there is literally nothing in there except leafy greens. Like seriously, what IS for dinner? But I say “Go Mom”, cause you look darn good.

If not a high metabolism, at least I can say I share a sense of humor with my family. Most notably my brother…of a dry, sarcastic sort. Such as today when he as was hanging by one leg from my 6-foot fence, while balancing a 16-foot plank to get into my yard for a landscaping project he is working on.

Noticing this, I come outside and inquire as to whether he is need of any help. He asks, “Is there anyone here to help?” I said, “Just me.” He responds, “Exactly.”

So I turn back around to the coolness of my living-room to work on my “fitness” as he single-handedly wrangles 8, 16-foot planks of wood into my yard.

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