picnic Tale – Fun for All

My very generous company hosts an annual Picnic for it’s employees and their immediate families. Sunday marked the 12th picnic I have attended. 

This is one day each Summer which just cannot be beat!  The grounds of one our buildings are truly transformed into a Carnival with Fun for All including, Carnival Rides, Games, Ponies, Petting Zoo, Pirates Ship, Bumper Cars, Cotton Candy, Fried Dough, Rock-Climbing Wall, Bull-Riding, Face-Painting, Shows -and the yummiest “picnicy” foods.

Looking over from picnics past not only reminds of how my children have grown over the years, but also how very grateful I am to be a part of such a wonderful company.

Every year there is always something slightly new and different I am able to reflect back upon with fond memories…

Princess Grace and my little guy

Getting ready to board the Pirate Ship

Mini-me flexing her muscles on the Rock Climbing Wall

Petite power-house!

My Little Prince on the Pony                     


Say “Cheese” All Three of You:)

Oh HOW he loves these cars…

Cannot count the number of turns he had here!

Painted Faces

I always catch a few unexpected moments as well…

 Such was the case this year like Mom “Taking the Bung”

Uh Ma, is this fun?

 And last, but certainly not least….Princess Grace nodding off at at the Picnic table after dining on her Veggie morsals. Guess the 9AM wake-up call was a wee bit early for her;)

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