parent Tale – Bad ass Dad

Hey I know there are many out there whom give props to their parents. Some even have wonderful blogs dedicated to them. I do honor my parents each year on their Birthday’s which happen to be a day apart (although my Dad is 5 years older) by posting my favorite photos of them.

My Favorite Photos of My Parents

However today, I want to give a shout out to my Bad ass Dad. He really is the coolest cat around. Not only is he the most kind, caring, and generous man I know, he is also by far the smartest. And he just does the most amazing shit.

Like what?

Well for instance, the other day as I peering up into the ginormous hole in my laundry room ceiling left by a plumber after last year’s kitchen upgrade, I thought back and remembered how my painstakingly my Dad had worked not to leave one there himself.

You see his brilliant daughter (uh me) had bought herself a built-in electric oven and gas cook-top for her new Kitchen. While “brilliant daughter” was aware a new outlet would be needed, what “brilliant daughter” did NOT realize before she ordering the new custom oven is not enough circuitry existed in her home for it.

Oh no Mr. Bill!

Fortunately Bad ass Dad is an Electrical Engineer, and was able to draw the design for the circuitry. Furthermore, even though he is not an electrician, he offered to take on this project as well. What a project it turned out to be! This tremendous feat required wires be run down into my kitchen floor, through to the lowest level of and across the entire length of my ceiling through insulation, over heating ducts and a wooden stud thing, then back down a wall to reach the circuit board. A monumental task indeed!

Although it took him nearly an entire week to snake the cable across, Bad ass Dad did so patiently and meticulously, managing to leave but two very small holes in my ceiling. These, of course, were so precisely cut the pieces which he saved fit perfectly back into place like a puzzle, and have since been patched so you would never know they were missing. Imagine? 

See, but Dad does stuff like this all the time. This man never ceases to amaze me. So when I was babbling on last night about how busy I had been over the last few weeks, working and caring for Layla he said he’d been very busy as well. Then of course I had to ask, “Well, what have you done NOW?

Turns out, Dad had to move his front concrete steps to do some repairs to his house. They are “only” about 2000 pounds he said. Therefore he “propped them up” on rollers, and “pushed” to them to the side. He is now working on a plan to put them BACK into place. By himself, of course.

Bad ass Dad. Most def.


  1. What a handsome couple! And how cool is that picture of your dad in the limo? Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you. Even though they are no longer a couple, they do still get along quite well so I we host their birthdays together and such. Yes, the limo photo is obviously more recent and truly personifies my father…Cool, calm, collected.

  3. Shugbear

    He is oozing cool, calm, collected in that pictured!

    • Thanks…I am still working on taking cues from him in the calm and collected department. I suppose it never is too late to learn, he, he!

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