non-stop party Tale – Up in Here

Per usual it has been a non-stop party Up in Here.

For one to say my Skinny-Mini-Me has finally come out of her shell would be an understatement.

She is completely off the chain!  Of course this absolutely thrills me.  I just simply do not think there are enough hours in the day for everything she wants to do all of sudden for her, or uh, me. Yet, she will try to convince me otherwise in her typical fashion.

Non-stop harassment.

Last night it started as soon as she returned from a Cheer-Info Meeting at her High School. I wasn’t even out of my car yet before she told me she HAD to try out for a squad on Monday, and dropped a 5000-page-packet into my lap.

We’d already had the discussion prior about having to make “choices” as she will already be taking 7 Dance Classes per week, while hopefully continuing to maintain Honor Roll status as a Junior in High School, and having just recently been nominated for the National Honor Society, will likely have additional responsibilities as well.

I tried reminding her of this. She wasn’t listening though, as she busy doing gymnastics demonstrations on the front lawn. Cartwheels this time. Which, believe it or not, my daughter has only learned how to execute. I must say I was quite impressed at how skilled she had become in such short order.

Ah yes, and this is because she had coerced me into letting her take four weeks of Gymnast Lessons this summer “just in case” the Cheering thing works out, which would also require weekly Gymnastic Lessons.

My head started spinning, wondering if we can possibly make this work because I thought back remembering how painfully shy she was (still is really), and how Cheerleading is such a social outlet for teenage girls. So I told her I would have to sleep on it.

Well she must have super-sonic hearing because as soon she heard me move in my bed today, she was bounding down the two flights of stairs to my room to re-start the badgering session.

It was her turn to remind me about things, such as the 5000 page-packet I needed to complete so she could “at least” go to try-outs on Monday. Oh, she also added how a “recent” physical is required but it’s ok because there will be a doctor “on-site” at the school on Monday to give her one. For back up she phoned her friend’s mother to re-explain everything for me.

Well ok then. She can try out for Cheering. I have been successfully defeated by my Mini-Me. She is as persuasive as she is petite.

Meanwhile, when not at camp, my son has been keeping busy doing things such as kicking off Boy’s Parties in his tiny bedroom for his usual audience – Bosco and Layla. 

They watched in absolute amazement, mesmerized by his latest antics perfectly timed to some Mine Craft song he is now obsessed with.

Time to shut the door again. Yep.

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