not hot Tale – In the Meatlocker

While I may often be hot, there many are around me whom are not hot.

Particularly in the office. While allegedly the women are known to complain about the temperature in our workplace, I can personally attest it is most definitely an issue impacting males and females alike.

In fact, as of late it is the men reporting they feel as though they are freezing like a side of beef In the Meatlocker during the very warmest days of Summer.

Frozen Frank Fingers

How do I know?

I have ears for one thing. Big ones. Also some work under me, and since we all working together pride ourselves in stellar communication and customer service -they being my Staff would be my Customers. Yes?

Yes. Therefore, I have often stressed if at all there is anything they need ever to share with me I would invite they so do, open and honestly.

So they do.

Including when they are not hot, or too cold, or why don’t we just get straight to the following text I received the other day:

“How about, it’s freezing ass cold up in this bitch.”

Now I’d say a plight such as this requires immediate attention. As was the case when I received this photo to my cell phone last week from another Staff Member experiencing the same discomfort. Someone even expressed concern this fellow may actually become hypothermic.

Fortunately, as I have mentioned previously we do have a Fabulous Operations Group on hand so I sent off a message seeking a temperature adjustment asap.

Turns out the gents in OPS were busy for a time so I had to come up with a workaround for the nearly frozen fellow. Since we had a meeting in a much larger yet slightly warmer training room I suggested he take a front row seat. This way whenever a Customer phoned for him, he had to bolt to the back of the room to pick up the call. After about 15  minutes of jogging back and forth he was beginning to pink up. Phew!

Just as soon as our Fabulous Operations Group concluded their meeting I received a response to our plea for help:

To me: “Sorry this took so long.. We have adjusted the temp for your area and it should warm up in about 15-20 minutes.”

From me: Fantastic! Thanks so much:)

Customer Service lives again! Problem solved.

For that day.

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