amazing son Tale – Completely clueless Teacher

I always say I have the most amazing son. And I mean this whole heartedly.

However, he also never ceases to amaze me. N-e-e-e-e-v-e-r.

As he did yesterday doing something very simple. Checking the mail.

Within our mail pile we discovered the anxiously awaited letter notifying us of his teacher for the upcoming school year.

We read it together, and my boy was thrilled to discover he was assigned the new teacher he’d heard was coming for fourth grade. Curious, I asked him why he was so excited about this. He sure didn’t miss a beat before responding with:

“It’s great she’s new because this means she has NO idea what to do!”

I was actually breath-less for a second after THAT one-liner. I mean seriously, where DID this kid come from? LOL.

Quickly regaining my composure, I informed my son, “Have no fear officer (my nickname for him), this teacher surely knows her stuff!” He may wish he had a Completely clueless Teacher coming his way, but uh, not.

Master’s Degree…minimum requirement now. Not mention the innate desire and personal qualities which very few of us even possess, and they certainly must to even want to consider becoming an Educator. Most definitely, these teachers know what they are getting themselves into doing.

Ya, sorry to rain on your parade pal.

His statement also made me extremely happy I had taken several hours last Spring preparing the “optional” placement letter parents can write for the school to look to when considering a teacher for the following year.

In my letter I lightly strongly recommended my son be placed with a “firm instructor” who will not be the least bit hesitant to set expectations immediately. I even mentioned if they happened to have a former Drill Sergeant on hand who is now a teacher, they may likely be a great fit for my son who is, ah, not passive. He may even attempt to take advantage of walk-all-over a lenient educator.

Yes, my son is highly intelligent but extremely social and sometimes tends to talk during class when he should be listening.

In fact, last year’s teacher said he looked quote “offended” when she asked him what he was doing one day as he chatting  instead of listening to the directions for the day’s assignment.

Hence, the 2-out-of-4 in Self-Control he earned for himself First Term.

Fortunately though he made tremendous strides.

Therefore I am quite hoping his new teacher may be much like last year’s. She was ALL business, and ran the tightest ship I have ever seen, ensuring all the children knew exactly what was expected of them each and every moment of the day. There were absolutely NO shenanigans going on in her classroom. In this environment my son flourished.

She and I may not have always seen eye-to-eye. For instance, I didn’t quite care for the impersonal “Dear____” typed form letter she had sent home in lieu of a phone call for a situation I considered to be a very important. So I called to let her know.

Yes, as everyone knows I love the TELEPHONE especially for discussing important matters, and nothing is more important than my children. Thus, I did not want to hear the blah, blah, blah I have 26 students. Ya well I had 176 clients, and I called them all. I could tell we both had very strong personalities. Imagine?

However, my son absolutely adored this woman.

Hmmm, I wonder why;)

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