cranky Tale – Pricks in Cars

I feel like wherever I go lately people are always cranky. Like why? Hey, I am no bundle of joy all of the time either, but really can anyone be happy EVER?

What I am especially encountering quite a bit of lately are Pricks in Cars. Near and Far.

Take for instance as I was traveling on a Sunday morning with my mother and children. I had to take a a left across two lanes of traffic, and why yes I am cautious when doing so. Apparently this was a major problem for Mr. Mercedes waiting two cars behind me. He felt the need to blast his horn, pass around me and the car behind me (which was following me), while shouting angrily.

Ok so maybe I gave him the one finger salute after his tirade, but seriously pal take it easy. It was a Sunday Morning after all.

“That’s why I’m easy, I’m easy like Sunday morning…”    ~ Lionel Richie

Either way, I don’t feel as though I committed any act punishable of being called a stupid f’ing “see you next tuesday.”

However he did so I figured, whatever. Rock on brother, go on with your big bad self. But oh no this was not enough for him. Even though he was ahead of me at this point, he decided to further taunt me by dodging back and forth between the two lanes in the straightaway we were now on, then randomly slam on his brakes.

So cool Dude.

Well, I don’t play games with cars so I just eased on back. However, the actions of Mr. Mercedes put my male traveling companion in the car behind me into Total Prick mode. He decided to chase the creep down with his 4-cylinder non-luxury vehicle.

It did work I suppose as Mr. Mercedes took one look at 6’2″ and decided, ya, he was all set.

This Pricks in Cars thing was also apparent at the Self-Service gas station Thursday night. Another location I have noted folks to be in rare form. Why? Not a clue. High gas prices? Places to go? People to see?

In any event, a small SUV comes peeling in, whips around and almost drives directly into me. I see the driver is angry, but I have no idea what his deal is so I decided I had better just sit tight for a minute, because I am not sure if he is crazy or just a cranky-critter.

A few seconds later I get my answer, as another man emerges from inside where he’d paid for his gas. Immediately, cranky-critter starts shouting at the man, “Thanks for leaving your CAR here!!!” The other guy yells back, “What am I supposed to do, huh, bring my car in with me?!?”

Of course I wanted to say, “Yoo-hoo boys what IS your issue with the cars?”

But I decided, eh, no one is getting hurt here so I’d best MYOB, and hightail my ass out of this joint before someone does.


  1. Civilization is no longer civilized. Ugh!

  2. Definitely have noticed many folks raging in their cars these days. Sometimes it’s comical, others it is actually a bit frightening. Another good excuse for me to avoid the highway though. Oi!

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