oldest daughter Tale – My every Reason

Today, my oldest daughter is heading up North to Portland, Maine where she is a Junior at the University of New England Westbrook College of Health Professions.

Her first two years at UNE she attended their campus in Biddeford, Maine which sits on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Even though she has lived away from home since being a Freshman, this year will mark a few first’s for her…

UNE, Biddeford afront the Atlantic Ocean. Very beautiful campus, but quite cold and windy during winter months.

First time living in her own apartment ~ I am hoping she and her Roomie will live much more harmoniously than she and her Jr. suitemates did (see College Roomie Tale if you dare), as there will be no Area Coordinator to help police “catty” matters this time. However, Mama is very happy to visit whenever she may like, to help out or, uh relax, as the house lies on Old Orchard Beach. Glorious indeed in the Fall and Spring. Winter, eh, not so much. My girl does enjoy winter sports though such as snowboarding. Me? I just like shoveling.

First time having her very own car ~ She’d been given my old car as a junior in High School, but I had thought it not the best idea to send her off  with a car either freshman or sophomore year. While UNE allows it, they do not like the idea either. While I never heard the end of it from my daughter, I do think it was a sound decision. I promised if she remained on the Dean’s List, I would buy her a car for her Junior Year. She kept up her end of the deal, and I kept mine.

Her all time favorite toy which I bought second-hand at a yard sale. I only JUST recently gave it away.

First time living in the City ~ Like her mom, she is a small town girl. Born and raised in suburbia. While Mass College of Pharmacy in Boston had been her first choice of schools (and she was accepted), upon visiting she was a bit daunted by the location being directly in the city. She also noted,“there are no cute guys here.” Interestingly though, she has stayed with her boyfriend from back home her entire college career thus far. However, I am hoping there will be no wedding bells me any time soon after graduation, although young brides do run in the family.

Absence made the heart grow fonder in this case of these Sweethearts

More than anything else I just want to take a moment today to say how very proud I am of my daughter. Also, as I do on her Birthday each year (which is the day after mine) I want to let her know she truly changed my life, and how she is My every Reason for so many things.

“You are the reason I am. You are all my reasons…”  ~ John Nash

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