why not Tale – Modern day Woman

Yes I admit it. I am rather picky about the Customer Service I receive. Given I will jump through flaming hoops for a Customer, why should I expect anything less when I am one?

However, when I receive superior service l am most loyal. Hence, my children had the same wonderful Pediatrician as I until he retired. I’ve had the same kick-butt Hair Stylist for 30 years, same gentle Dentist for 20, and even after my own doctor took on the Hairy-Scary Medical Assistant aka “Chewbacca” I saw her for over a decade.

Anyhoo, I had also been going to the same Full Service Gas/Automotive Station for nearly 8 years until just a few weeks ago.

One evening I pulled in to get some gas and the fellow I had been tipping to pump my Gas for all this time informed me he was closed. I asked, “But why, it is still almost several minutes before your posted closing time of 7PM?” He told me simply, “Today I decided I want to close now.”

Ok then. Always reflecting upon some advice I have received from my father, I remembered him telling me, “If you don’t like something, don’t participate. So I decided I would not be returning. For gas. Or anything.

I am a Modern day Woman after all, and certainly more than quite capable of pumping my own gas.

Why not?

Well today I discovered for about 3 days now I have been riding around with my gas cap off, hanging by the cord through the closed access door. Of course I have also been ignoring the beeps and gestures of concerned motorists (guess not all are pricks in cars) trying to signal me of such.

I discovered it today as I was escorting my daughter and her friend out of the car after Cheering Practice. Go. G-O. Gooo ME!

Ya, so that’s why NOT.

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