pep-talk Tale – Back to Reality

There has been much action going on with my crew over the last couple of weeks. However they know school is just days away, and it will be Back to Reality.

As I mentioned in a recent post, my Biggest Boomcat is already back at college in Maine.

Although she ignored me all Summer, she wasn’t gone even 24 hours before she was phoning me at work. In tears. With Drama. Groceries cost “so much money.” She was worried about her job the next day. There are dental tools she needs to buy.  The college is making her remove her nose stud. Oh, and she needs to get a bunch of shots.

Of course I did wonder why she had not sat down with me all the months she was home as I had asked, so we could discuss all of the items noted in the above aforementioned crisis, but since -clearly- we can only move forward now I reminded her, hey it’s on.

Being in final two years of schooling she is now at the Medical Campus, a Bio Major with a concentration in Dental Hygiene.  And guess what? The time is now. The Dental Hygiene part. Unless she wants to change her minor (which she can do), she has to adhere to all of the School’s requirements.

I also gave her a pep-talk, ensuring her everything would be ok.  I did advise she try not to make the Doctor chase her all around the office when he gives her the shots the way she usually does. LOL. Fortunately, by Thursday she sounded much more happy and relaxed.

Meanwhile, my skinny mini-meofficially became A cheerleader. Yes, surprising me and many. She is actually quite enjoying herself at practices, which are daily with the exception of Fridays. Let me repeat this…every single day except Friday.

Soo, I am still trying to figure out how, exactly THIS is going to happen with schoolwork, dance classes…alongside my son’s activities which also include soccer, karate, and dance (yes my son DOES dance). Did I also mention I have job? lmao!

My son during his first Dance Show this Summer taking his role quite seriously

However, where there is a will there is a way. Right? right!

In any event, Mini-Me was more than quite excited to share with me her Cheering coach is a Patriot’s Cheerleader. For some reason this sounded vaguely familiar. Ya. I think I’ve already admitted I have a habit of not “hearing” everything exactly. And, honestly, I just don’t watch sports. Except for what my son plays;) There I am front and center baby.

My son is a huge sports fan. Apparently. One night last year I heard him shout out, “Goal!” as he was staring out of my living room window into the darkness. Turns out, he was enjoying the Pat’s Game on my neighbor’s very large television across the street. Oi!

I also just last week noticed Mini-Me’s Cheering Coach is “featured” on a poster my son has taped to the front of his bedroom door. Of course I asked him where he found himself THIS gem, which is oh-so-appropriate for a 9 year-old. He tells me, “Your company picnic. It was a souvenior.” Don’t you remember?”

Mini-Me’s Cheering Coach

Ahh, clearly NOT. However I definitely, MOST definitely need to start paying closer attention.

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