forgive me Tale – Hiatus from Church

I honestly do my very best to be a good Christian, but forgive me y’all as I will be taking a Hiatus from Church until Sunday School resumes September 16th.

Sorry, but I have reached my breaking point. My son has complained all Summer about how long and boring the services are now without a choir or Sunday School. Adding to his agony, this morning when the Pastor beckoned the youngsters for the Children’s Sermon she specifically called for everyone under four feet tall. My son noted this was ALL the children in attendance, except him.

I could not deny this fact.

Nor could I explain to him why the organist filling in for the one who moved away, decided to beat feet in the middle of the Sermon. It caused quite a stir indeed. Fortunately, our Pastor gracefully played the next hymnal while a member of the Congregation summoned the MIA organist from the parking lot. She returned coffee and cell phone in hand. Oi!

Coincidentally, it was announced this would be her last day.

The icing on the cake though was when the Pastor said Communion would be served, and my boy loudly announced, “Good, because I AM hungry!”

He even asked for seconds at the altar, whispering it was “real bread” this time. I  yi yi.

Ya, I think it’ll be ok if we miss a week or two.

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