insomnia Tale – Up all Night

While I generally do not need much sleep, lately I have been Up all Night. I don’t know if it’s insomnia exactly but I definitely have had trouble getting some shut-eye, and the lack of sleep can do funny things to a mind. Very funny things.

For instance, even though I may be up late because I have work to catch up on, the quality may suffer slightly gravely after midnight.

How do I know?

Let’s just say if I submit such work done in the bewitching hours to my boss for edits and review, he may be highly likely to comment in a few places with, “Not sure what you are trying to say here.” 

Of course wanting to be quick to clarify for him, since allegedly writing is one of my strong-points, I look again…but when I do I think, “Whoa, wait a minute! What? Who wrote that?!?” Because I have no frucking idea what I was trying to say.

Anymore. All I know is it looked pretty darn good at about 2AM. Ya, not so much, right now.

I really do TRY to relax. But as any other Night Owl knows this is easier said than done.

Another problem I have with being Up all Night is eating at odd times. I mean clearly 3:30 AM is a fine time for Dinner.  Yes indeedy, I thought heating myself up a frozen Amy’s Vegetarian Burrito, alongside a mixed green salad with walnuts topped with Poppy Seed dressing would be perfect. Then I thought, what the heck why not have a few olives and a Dr. Pepper…I wasn’t sleeping anyway.

Funny how when I finally laid my ass down at 5 AM my stomach started churning non-stop. I seriously thought I was going to be like Debra Winger in the movie Legal Eagles, after she was up all night chowing down random shit. I think it is safe to say it was a very ugly Monday morning for me last week at work.

I bitched and moaned constantly to one of my Staff who has the pleasure of sitting directly in front of me, complaining how my stomach hurt, and I had no idea what may possibly happen to all the food still mixing it up in my belly -or when. She did not look impressed to say the least.

So I definitely need to just shut it down.

Too bad there isn’t an OFF switch for my mind. 

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