disheveled Tale – No order Here

Not only do I typically pride myself  in being highly organized, it is generally a requirement. Self-induced of course. However, I can say one thing for certain around my house these days. There is No order Here. In fact my home has even become a bit disheveled.

After my washer flood which caused me to move an entire level into one room, I managed to keep things relatively tidy, even while “triaging” out of my tiny Living Room. Ya, well that’s a wrap.

Once school resumed this week for my younger two, stuff started getting lost. Anytime one would even one begin to ask, “Where is____?,” I was already responding with, “I have NO idea, where did you leave it?

I knew it had really gotten bad when son my casually mentioned this afternoon, “I guess I am heading to Karate one Croc-footed.”  Huh, what now? Most, definitely a no-go! I immediately executed Mission Find the Missing-Mother-Trucking Croc.

This was the wake-up call I needed to get things back in order.

Interestingly though, no matter how organized I am at home, I never quite seem to feel completely pulled together myself.

How so?

Well for instance let’s just mention how  random items may just happen to fall out of my clothing  while I am in the office among a sea of desks in our very open work area.

Such as?

Like an extra pair of panties which had apparently gotten trapped in my pant leg while being dried. Or, even dryer sheet which just slid  on out by my foot right next to myboss’s desk one day. He doesn’t miss a thing, so I just very much hoped he would not think it was a piece of toilet paper.

However, if I really had to select a prize-winner, it would have to be the time after I had been enjoying Raw Cashews at my desk for breakfast, and dropped one down my blouse: I tried fussing around to discreetly fish it out, but couldn’t find it. Eh, I figured it was lost safely somewhere within my cleavage, and forgot about it.

Uh, not.

Later while strolling by a group of programmers, the nut fell straight from my skirt.  The gents did look down. For some reason I felt the need to tell them ALL I did not just lay an egg, but explained the story of eating the cashews for breakfast and so on.

Since they did not respond with not ONE word I just gracefully bent down, picked up my egg nut, and strolled on.


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