onward Tale – In a Groove

All three kids have been back to school for about a week. So we are all pretty much In a Groove now. Kind of.

I mean at last I’ve stopped answering my cell phone, “Crisis Management Hotline, can I help you?”

Onward we go.

My son, of course, is not the least bit phased by the new school year. He never stresses over much. Except scary shit at bedtime.

The trouble is I have a hard time trying to figure out exactly how things are actually going for him at school. Like I’ll say, “Hey buddy, how’s the new teacher, and are you paying attention in class?” He’ll respond with, “Huh? What’s that supposed to mean?”

Sooo. Ya. Not quite certain I can really get a handle on what is going on there at all until conference time. He did mention his new teacher does have an idea what to do after all. In fact, he says, the teacher’s aide doesn’t even need to stay long to help out. I am actually happy this is his perspective on the matter, and not that the aide is popping in and out because the budget cuts forced the teachers to share her – which is actually the sad truth.

Hey, the papers he’s brought home thus far look great, and I make certain he spends more than the 30 seconds on his Homework that he wants to. Just because you can do it quickly  pal, doesn’t mean you should.

My son likes to get things done STAT so he can move on to his next important project. At the moment, he is obsessed with creating Origami. Once he is involved in anything actually, he hates being disturbed.

Just the other day I called from work to check in after he had returned from school. Right off the bat I could tell he was highly annoyed as he asked, “Why are you calling me right now?” Therefore I inquired as to whether I was “bothering” him, and if he was “too busy” to talk.

So he tells me, “Yes! I am busy eating this very delicious salad you made last night.” I said, “Well then, I will let you go.”

Later, I heard he’d reported after he hung up, “Mommy can be very aggressive!


But that’s my boy. A real charmer.


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