Daily Drama – Please get Me

My 17 year-old-daughter is known to leave detailed lists starting off with Please get Me. It’s all good, as I very much appreciate knowing what she needs. The trouble is I can never seem to get the number of razors quite right.

While I admit Math has never been my forte, I for certain do not understand how one teenager, with two legs, in a house with a single shower, can use seven, count em’ SEVEN razors in five days?!?

Exhibit A:

Extracted from the shower floor this AM

Hey I pride myself in being a hairless cat too but I can, LEGIT, shave the entire neighborhood with the amount of razors this girl burns through.



  1. Oh my gosh….I only use one razor a week. What does that kid grow on her legs…..wire? Haha..Good luck to ya dramamama. I enjoy reading your posts.

    • Uhhh, still trying to figure out her logic there. I just know she LOVES those razors! Thank YOU kindly! Your posts are great as well. I see I have few to catch up on too:)

      • God only gave me boys, so I have no idea where to even begin trying to figure out a daughter. My mother always told me that God gave me to raise what He knew I wouldn’t want to strangle. (My mother raised 2 boys & 3 girls, guess she was trying to get me to read between the lines.)

        Best to you

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