tasty Tale – Quest for The Best

Since like many busy professionals and parents, I have little time to actually stop and eat. Therefore, I am always on a Quest for The Best foods I can chow down on the go.

For my own health, there are several factors I need to consider when purchasing such quicky foods: Low sodium, sugar, and not a gangload of the types of carbs my body will just float straight to my ass. Oh, and I like my food to be tasty.

I get the whole “Eat to Live – Don’t Live to Eat” but seriously I can go all day long without eating. But come the middle of the night I’ll finally hear that dinner bell ring. Ya buddy.

Allegedly this is not good for me.

As a matter of fact, the nutritionist who loves to shake rubber chicken breasts and empty bags of lettuce at me claims this is precisely how I destroyed my metabolism. She suggests 6 small meals a day, which I am really trying to make a go of, as I would like to like to fit more than my ankle back into the size 5 jeans I keep around as I reminder I did once slip these on after two babies.

Right now my fav healthy snacks on the go are baggies of: Raw Cashews, Fritos Puffins, slivered-almonds, grapes, or apples slices. When I am being very good I usually have a few of these during the day, as well as a yogurt for breakfast and salad for lunch.

What I am really yearning to find though is a granola bar which I can grab and run with. So I’m open to any suggestions.

I actually thought I HAD found one. While it was not exactly tasty, it fit all my health specifications as it was low in sodium, had just 6 grams of sugar, was chewy, and I was doing reasonably well choking it down…

Until suddenly it started to remind of a treat bar I’d seen my son’s freaky hamsters wrestling with the night before.

 So, of course I felt compelled to do a side-by-side comparison.

 THIS comparison put the kibosh on the Kashi. 

Epic Fail on the tasty after that.

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