yard Tale – Piece of Paradise

Why yes I crack many a joke about how I loathe yard work. Because I DOIndeed I am known to say I do little more outside than move shit around because it’s TRUE.

Yet, still I am a very lucky girl to have a Piece of Paradise out there of all my own.

While occasionally I may pick up a rake, and am absolutely obsessed with shoveling in the winter -especially tunneling walkways for my dogs. That’s about it.

Project Yard actually commenced shortly after I purchased the property 8 years ago, as there was NO back yard at all. The intention was for my kids and dogs to plays safely. For a pretty penny a Landscaping Company installed one.

A few years later a fence and shed were added.

It just so happens, these days my son rather prefers to traipse across the front lawns visiting his neighborhood pals, while my girls -well they just generally hang around AWAY from home whenever possible (my oldest is usually away at college anyway).

In any event, when I noticed grass would not seem to grow in certain locations I hired my daughter’s boyfriend, who is quite skilled in landscaping, to lay cobblestone and bricks in the bare-spots, as well as build a retaining wall I very much needed.

His work was beautiful and made an enormous difference.

However, I always felt something was missing, and never truly felt like spending much time in my yard except for when hosting a rare beef-free barbeque.

I consulted my friend and neighbor with a passion for flowers, as well as anything yard work. Also to my surprise, is gifted a graphic artist as she produced a design for me.

One day my brother saw this scheme, and offered to do the work for me. While he used her graphics for the basic layout and to plot where the plants would be designated -the rest became entirely his own vision.

My very talented brother spent weeks handcrafting two wooden flower-boxes with bench seating stained with linseed wax, which are seated at the edge of my bedroom patio. He filled it with glorious flowers and green ivy. Butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds have already stopped by to visit.

Large flower box with bench-seating

Around the tree in the far back corner of my yard, he created a rock garden -and in the far upper front corner he made a raise-bed of mixed perennial flowers behind a stone wall. All feature solar lightening, and water-irrigation systems with drip-lines, keeping the conservation of these resources in mind.

Rock Garden in the far back corner

All beds and boxes including rock garden have water-conserving irrigation systems
installed by my brother. Each have drip-lines for roots and spritzing-heads for the tops.

Upper corner raised bed with stone-wall

Smaller flower box with bench-seat

And at night when I walk my grounds, I am treated to dim lights throughout.

With this solar lighting, I find myself peacefully strolling around the yard after dark.

I cannot begin to express the joy and tranquility it has brought me.

Simple, natural, beauty.



  1. It’s the simple, yet lovely things in life that mean so much! Great story! Nice team work.

  2. Indeed…you are so right. Thank YOU!

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