Daily Drama – Quasi Dr. Deal

Somehow not only do I keep managing to forget the throat Dr’s name, but his appointments as well.

Perhaps it’s subconscious as I was slightly highly offended he stated I needed a nose job in addition to a tonsillectomy. Then when I saw all the photos of the Res-pumped lips I wondered if perhaps I was in the wrong place altogether. The truth of the matter here though is I am dreading the mandatory the two weeks out of work to have the stupid tonsils out. Trouble is my throat IS killing me and has been for a few weeks.

However, one of my Staff members has offered to step up to the plate, and remove them for 10 bucks.

Gross you say? Well, not really. I have seen people do far grosser things to THEMSELVES on U-tube.

Besides, it’s a bargain, as it’s going to cost far less than my surgical co-pay. I mean, dang, I had to pay $250 to give up my uterus and when I asked if they were kidding, because I thought they should be paying ME the lady didn’t even crack a smile. I mean Geez, get a sense of humor here people!

Tell me, would you consider this here Deal by the Quasi-“Dr.”?

The “Dr.” is In

I only ask he not faint or leave my children motherless.


  1. Most definitely! 😉

  2. Say AH!

    • very funny you! I’m actually such a pro at getting my throat examined they don’t even have to use a tongue depressor on me anymore.

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