drama jr. Tale – “The World is Against Me”

My oldest tells me, “The World is Against Me,” during a very hysterical phone call I received at work yesterday.


Because she’s already made the determination three entire weeks into the Semester, the highest grade she will possibly be able to receive in some 1 credit class is an 87. Of course, I am highly impressed by her drive, but I still didn’t get 911. So I ask, “What the heck class is this anyway?” She tells me, “Medical Emergency.”

Ok makes perfect sense. I get the 911, nooow.

Tonite, it continues as I am dealing with my other daughter sobbing upset about how much studying she has to do, and why is the world so tough for her with her Learning Disability.

Hey trust me, I understand it totally sucks. But it’s you and me both right now girlfriend, because I am your study-buddy. SO let’s stop whining and get cracking.

Buut, before I can get started reading out loud to her I see my Facebook chat screen flashing.

Guess who? She’s ba-ack. 

I see drama Jr. messaging me fast and furiously:

her: yep so u know how i said the world is against me? it is

me: what are you talking about?

her: i just found a bunch of cavities which doesnt make sense since i just went to the dentist

me: omg

her: i did just go to the dentist.. how did all these cavities pop up like over night, i think i found like 5, and i have this weird thing on my tooth looks like another tooth growing off of it.. its disgusting!

I said, “Well the world is against all of us I guess because I yelled at some idiot today, your sister is crying right now, and your brother might be getting unfriended by his best friend.”

I am also wondering if this Medical Campus for Health Professions is such a good idea if in all of three weeks she is already diagnosing herself and having crisis situations?

I kept this to myself though;)

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