Tale from my Crypt – Pot in the Air

Shortly before surgery last May my mother insisted on accompanying me to my pre-op appointment. I warned her gory details could be discussed. She said it was fine, as she wanted to be there to support me as she always has.

Not only had I had been very serious and selective in choosing my surgeon, I had already grilled him as to how exactly the surgery would be performed as noted in the following Tale:


This was to be a short visit, recapping the specifics of the procedure, and to sign permissions. When the Dr. entered the tiny room to join my mother and I, he pulled a chair up very close to me as he always did, and began going over the paperwork.  Immediately I was distracted by the distinct odor of marijuana.

I begin to wonder -is this guy actually high right now?!?!  Are you frickin’ kidding me? I look over to my mother, and give her a little side nod. She appears not to notice. So I try a hard stare. No dice.


Now listen, just because I don’t do it, doesn’t me I am against anyone else smoking a little pot. But for real I was getting completely freaked out, imagining my dream surgeon stoned out of his mind, extracting my internal organs. Uhh no, definitely was NOT going to BE happening.

When he left the room I whisper to my mother, “Mom can you not smell the pot in here? I think this doctor has been toking a bone!”

She puts her hand over her mouth, giggles and tells me, “Oh that’s me. I just drank a hemp shake.”

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