Daily Drama – In the Family

I truly try to limit my visits to the third floor where my kids, and the uh hamsters, have their rooms. All it does is stress me out, as there is usually a complete and total disaster waiting for me, no matter how many times I recap Mommy’s Organizational Rules.

Anyway, this evening as am I up there bitching about the mess, and doing another Hamster Wellness Check, which I also can NOT stand, I hear my daughter’s friend call out to me, “Are you talking to yourself?” I tell her, “Well yes.” Next my daughter’s pipes up, “Ohhh ya, she ALWAYS does this.”

Wait! Stop the press. Is this a problem? Doesn’t everyone talk to oneself!?! Possibly not, possibly not.

I promptly abandon Mission Clean, and haul ass down the stairs to ask the friend, “So you don’t know anyone who talks to themself?” She responds, “No.”

Shit, well she does now. Oh no! I can just envision the report about the loco Mama.

Then she says, “Actually your mother talks to herself.” Oh thank goodness! It’s not just me. Phew! Must run in the family.

Next her friend asks, “Hey, does your brother talk to himself too?”

Hmmm, not so sure. I’ll have to ask next time I see him;)

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