Daily Drama – I’m not Popular

Well I’m afraid it’s official. I’m not Popular…at my daughter’s High School.

How did I manage this feat? After all she IS a Junior, and I absolutely LOVE the school. I cannot say enough about the amazing Teachers and Special Educators.

The answer is simple. One subject. US World History III.

While I am not one to coddle my children, given her special needs when I see she is struggling, I definitely get concerned. In prior years, she has only managed this subject in I and II due to a modified curriculum and book on CD. Both so far MIA this year, despite the fact these accommodations are clearly detailed on her Education Plan.

Understanding it is a new year, I was plenty patient, calmly e-mailing my concerns to the teacher and aide, waiting for these modifications to be enacted. That is, until one especially challenging night for my child.

So I decided it was time to send e-mails to everyone in the United States, with the exception of President Obama, asking for a “Plan of Action” to commence immediately to resolve the U.S. History III issue.

Just when I thought I was done, my fingers kept typing. I added a “by the way” in regards to the fact that while my daughter was nominated for selection into the National Honor Society, my daughter had called me at work to say the Dean had summoned her to his office to advise he had some, “Bad news for her.”

They had decided not to vote her in because while she has the grades and community service, she does not have the “leadership,” and why doesn’t she do “more school activities?”

Therefore, I also took this opportunity in my e-mail to go on a total tirade about how Leaders come in all forms, including strong, silent, steely-determined, celibate, drug and alcohol-free, Honor-Roll teens whom lead by example, dedicating their time to helping others including family and friends.

Furthermore, I stated if they had any suggestions as to how my child who already Cheers 4X weekly for the school until 5PM, and spends more time doing HOMEWORK than my Dean’s List College student, can possibly do anything ELSE at school, I am open to ideas  -even offering an open invitation to my home for observations.

I imagine the “This mother is a total bitch MEMO” is circulating as we speak.


  1. She belongs in the Honor Society!!! Wow, that Dean pissed me off. I am glad you aren’t popular. 🙂

  2. Thanks:) Truthfully, I hadn’t planned on saying anything, but somehow I just plain DID.

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