parent Tale II – Most Magnificent Mom

In addition to a Bad Ass Dad, I’m most fortunate to have also the Most Magnificent Mom. Marrying my father five years her senior, my mother was just twenty on her wedding day. It would be several years before they’d have a family though.

After all, my mom had to finish college first. Upon doing so, she began one of several different chapters in her career. Journalism being the first. Ah yes, she was a writer. Imagine?

Admirably, my mother put her career aside for a time to raise my brother and I, but did return to work when we in grade school. She worked as Editor, and then many years for the Public School System as METCO Advisor.  My parents separated when I was twenty, and shortly after my oldest was born she graduated from Massage Therapy School.

Massage Therapist remains her main profession today.

While others may have questioned some of the decisions I have made, my mother never has saying simply, “I will support whatever you do.” And she has.

She coached me through three tremendously long child-births, and has always been present in the lives of my children, even though I did make her a very young grandmother;)

My mother is bi-lingual, fluent in Spanish, and while most of us ’round here shovel during winter, she spends those months living in Costa Rica.  She owns many acres of land within the tropical Rain Forest amass with trees,  jungle-life, and waterfalls.

Rain Forest Hike

One year Mom (in the middle) helped run a Yoga Retreat on the property where she prepared the daily Vegetarian Meals

While my mother is calm, quiet, and peaceful (um ya, not like me) she’s also quite adventurous. For her birthday this year she zip-lined over the rain forest looking ever-so fearless and free!

Mom IS a tiny little thing, but clearly has guts

Last Winter Break, my daughter was invited as the guest of a friend renting on the property in Costa Rica, so was able to spend time with her grandmother as well. It was a wonderful experience for my shy daughter whom my mother is quite close to. She has been instrumental in assisting  me in tutoring my second daughter for many years. Without my mother’s help, my daughter would not have had the academic success she has had.

My mother and daughter in Costa Rica, December 2011

Most Magnificent Mom

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