boss Tale – Fourth grade Underworld

The other night as my son was settling down for bed, he told me he had some secrets to share with me. So I knelt down close beside him, and he whispered in ear telling me all about the Fourth grade Underworld.

For one he declared, he and his fellas are always being conspired against.

By who?

Well mainly by teacher’s aides policing the hallways whom randomly stop and harass he and his friends “for no reason what-so-ever.” Uh-huh right.

One of these aides, subbing for his teacher even put him on a “time-out” (I did have to chuckle about the time-out). Of course, again, this was completely unjust as my son claims he was just “sitting there” while it was the friend who had actually ripped the airplane he had made out of his classroom paper.

I see.

These aides are also known to confiscate contraband while the boys are at recess. Items include the mini-erasers they like to fidget with during class when they should be, ah, listening.

My son was very excited to relay he has recently received fame and notoriety among his fellas for having devised a plan to outsmart the aides in their quest to remove the items of distraction. It’s called, “The Smuggle.”  Each fella takes a turn hiding the entire stash of erasers in one desk,  and then takes them home for the night.

Clever boys.

There are also other apparent “organized crimes” involving grade school children, including false rumors and innuendos which get spread about he and his boys. My son told me they handle these “situations” by having “meetings” at lunch or during recess with the opposing parties.


Of course, I wanted to know ALL ABOUT what happens at the these “meetings” as I recall the days, and not so fondly, of  kids saying cruel things on the playground, and yes, I was on the receiving end as a young girl.

Therefore I was most relieved to hear these “meetings” are just conversations asking things such as, “How would you feel if I said that about you?” “Would it hurt your feelings?”

Children actually learning how to resolve issues, and interact with each other in a positive manner even when there is discord is a good thing. I am happy to know the schools here promote, while still strictly prohibiting bullying of any sort, because trust me it was NOT always this way.

However, I admit I am now more eager than ever for that one-on-one conference with the teacher in December to discuss my son.

“the boss”

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