Daily Drama – “Mrs. Robinson”

“And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know. God bless you, please Mrs. Robinson. Heaven holds a place for those who pray, Hey, hey, hey…”

~ Simon and Garfunkel

Somehow calling myself, “Mrs. Robinson” sounds a heck of a lot better than total pervert.


I am not a Facebook junky exactly, but I do scan the main page frequently, to see if anything strikes my interest or suits my fancy. Clicking “like” or commenting when I do.

I repeat “to see if anything suits my fancy.”

Sooo last week I kept seeing a photograph someone had posted of a famous Dirt Bike rider on a Monster Bike. Ya buddy. Each time I scanned my newsfeed, this photograph of the Young Buck kept catching my eye. I mean, wow, I am 41 -not dead- and he was mucho caliente.

And the other day when my oldest daughter (20 and away at college) also seemed to like this photo as she had commented, “oooo HOTTIEE!! 😉 ♥”  I thought wow we both think this young rider is fine, who is obviously either very famous and/or a model.  Otherwise, why else would one post this photo on Facebook?

What a minute, Wtf?!? What?

I took a second look at my daughter’s comment and saw the ♥ which she would only do for someone she loves.


So why someone would post this photo on Facebook is because it is her boyfriend of more than two years.

Fortunately she explained, he did not even realize it was a photo of him at first. I feel a little bit better now, and slightly less perverted for drooling over a photo of a 21 year-old who I have known for over two years.

Ya but seriously, I think I need to get off the migraine meds. STAT.

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